Thanksgiving Hosting Tips

It’s November! Time to start talking turkey!

This year has flown by and I can’t believe it’s already time to start thinking about Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving can get real stressful. With all the things to plan and coordinate, family coming over, and cleanup to think about, it can make a girl scream! So, I developed 17 Simple Thanksgiving Hosting Tips to help take the stress away. Follow me throughout November before Thanksgiving and you will have a head-ache free Thanksgiving Day!

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17 Simple Thanksgiving Hosting Tips

17 Simple Thanksgiving Hosting Tips:

Tip 1: Create a Thanksgiving Day Game Plan
Tip 2: Send Online Invitations to Everyone on Your Thanksgiving Day Guest List
Tip 3: Gather Your Thanksgiving Day Recipes & Make a Thanksgiving Meal Plan
Tip 4: Use this Thanksgiving Day Food Calculator to serve the right amount of food to each guest
Tip 5: Have a Thanksgiving Day Side Dish Potluck
Tip 6: Prevent Crankiness with these 5 Must-Have Thanksgiving Appetizers
Tip 7: Avoid Overeating during Thanksgiving Dinner by Enjoying these Pre-Dinner Meals and Snacks
Tip 8: Use this Kitchen Inventory List to avoid forgetting the Turkey’s Roasting Pan
Tip 9: Aim for a Simple, Inviting Thanksgiving Day Table
Tip 10: Take a breather from Thanksgiving Day Planning and Show Some Thankfulness
Tip 11: Prep your home for overnight Thanksgiving guests using these 9 Tips
Tip 12: Entertain your guests with this list of Thanksgiving Day Entertainment
Tip 13: Set the atmosphere by playing a Thanksgiving Day Playlist for you and your guests
Tip 14: Assign Thanksgiving Tasks to your guests to take some stress off your plate
Tip 15: Have some Thanksgiving Cleanup Tips up your sleeve
Tip 16: Send Thanksgiving Leftovers with Guests using this tip
Tip 17: Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes to use every year

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