16 Space Activities for Preschoolers

These 16 Space Activities were so fun to do with my son and daughter! It was a week full of books, crafts and activities!

We’ve been having so much fun with our space activities here at home; we wanted to share it with you! We’ve had some space adventures I will remember forever (pretending to be astronauts who discovered a new planet, meeting aliens, and seeing shooting stars). I just love my kids’ imaginations. And it brought out the kid-at-heart in me.

With the solar eclipse approaching next month, I thought that if we read books and did activities about space, my kids would get more excited about the eclipse. So, I developed a space theme to use as a guide for the week. The format is: Read, Make, Do, Play. Everything we have planned is listed on the FREE Space Week Printable!

If you follow me on Instagram, you have already seen some of the space week activities I’ve done with my kiddos. But, I am going to lay out everything we did here in one post.

Read on to see our Space Week fun!

16 Space Activities for Preschoolers

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Solar System for Preschoolers

Solar System for Preschoolers - Pinterest

Make this Solar System for Preschoolers and have your preschooler take the astronaut on a planet adventure! All it takes is a few items you have laying around the house!

We have been doing Space Week at our house. We took a 3-day break from it (you know, mom life. It happens). But, we continued the out-of-this-world fun yesterday by making an interactive Solar System for Preschoolers! Now, my kiddos get to learn about the solar system and move a little astronaut to each planet as I read a solar system book to them!

My husband said, “That’s a giant astronaut!” I giggled, “Well, if I made it to scale, he’d be a tiny dot.” My daughter keeps calling the astronaut a baby astronaut. So, I think it’s toddler-approved.  It’s just for some learning fun anyway.

Below I’m sharing what I used to make it and how.

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