Solar System for Preschoolers

Solar System for Preschoolers - Pinterest

Make this Solar System for Preschoolers and have your preschooler take the astronaut on a planet adventure! All it takes is a few items you have laying around the house!

We have been doing Space Week at our house. We took a 3-day break from it (you know, mom life. It happens). But, we continued the out-of-this-world fun yesterday by making an interactive Solar System for Preschoolers! Now, my kiddos get to learn about the solar system and move a little astronaut to each planet as I read a solar system book to them!

My husband said, “That’s a giant astronaut!” I giggled, “Well, if I made it to scale, he’d be a tiny dot.” My daughter keeps calling the astronaut a baby astronaut. So, I think it’s toddler-approved.  It’s just for some learning fun anyway.

Below I’m sharing what I used to make it and how.

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