Replacing Yelling with Love {& What It Teaches Kids}


It’s so much easier to be kind and loving when the kiddos are behaving.

They give me a hug. I want to give a hug back. They want to cuddle. My heart melts. They break a lamp.  I yell and become monster mom.

Please note: I am not always monster mom. But, she comes out in some trying moments. #keepingitreal

It’s in those moments of tantrums and deliberate disobedience that I have to exercise love and kindness.


My kiddos are toddlers. They’re learning how to behave. I’m an adult. They look to me as an example of how to behave.

If I yell because they frustrated me, what am I teaching them? I’m teaching them that it’s okay to yell when someone upsets you.

How many times have I told my son, “don’t yell at sister like that,” after she took his favorite hot wheel? Countless times. Probably a bazillion times. So, if my son decides it’s a great idea to draw on the couch with a sharpie or cause some sort of toddler tornado, should I yell? No. Does he need discipline? Yes. But, how would I want to be treated if I made a mistake?Continue Reading…