Preschool at Home – Day 2

Our Second Day of Preschool at Home. Using materials at home. Includes a lesson plan.

Our Second Day of Preschool at Home. Here are the materials we used and the lesson plan. We used things we had around the house. The simpler the better!

We started preschool at home on Monday (which went really well). You can read all about what we did on Monday at Our First Day of Preschool at Home. Wednesday still went well, but my kiddos got tired half way through.

I had to remind myself that we are easing our way into a schedule. So, if the kiddos get tired, we rest. No big deal. We can pick up after everyone is rested.

To be candid, I was tired too. So, a break was great!

Our break consisted of watching 2 episodes of Monster Math Squad on Netflix and eating a snack. They were still learning, but it was a break from planned activities.

We have a few favorite learning shows on Netflix. I will have to do a post about that for you all.

After they rested we picked back up and they were happy to keep going! So, a reminder for me (and maybe you too) is: you might have a plan for the day, but things don’t always go as planned. And that’s okay.

I will let you know below the point where the kiddos got tired.

Here is our second day of preschool at home:

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Our First Day of Preschool at Home

I am sharing our first day of preschool at home. We used materials we had at home. It required very little prep. Keeping it simple and fun!

I’m sharing our first day of preschool at home. We used materials we had at home. It required very little prep. Keeping it simple and fun!

We did our first day of preschool at home on Monday! I was so nervous. I had no idea how it was going to go. Was  my son going to like it?

He did! Whoo hoo! Mom win!

I decided to call it Mikey’s Preschool. Naming it after him, made it really special. When, I would announce the  next activity and say it was for Mikey’s Preschool, he wanted to do the activity even more.

I really wanted to keep it simple (meaning: using things I had around the house, doing familiar activities, incorporating life skills and making it fun). Keeping it simple was less stress on me and didn’t make it feel like a chore for him.

Plus, we are easing our way into a routine for preschool. So, for now, we are doing preschool on Monday’s and Wednesday’s for 3-4 hours.

So, Sunday night I sat down and planned Monday out on a piece of paper using a kindergarten-ready checklist I found on Teaching Mama. This gave me a base to work off of to plan activities and make certain I am prepping my son for kindergarten with the activities we do.

Here is the plan I came up with:

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DIY Felt Owl Mask & Owl Babies {with template}

Owl Mask

We are making owl masks and owl babies today for this month’s book box!

Last month, my friend Beth from Days with Grey introduced me to a book box. I just love them! So, I joined in on the fun and made crafts to go along with the ones we have been doing.

A book box is simply a box with a book your introducing to your child along with some items/crafts/toys that will help your child retell the story to you (kind of like props that your child can pick up to help them remember the story). Keep the box in your child’s reach so he can practice whenever he’d like!

The last one we did was Mouse Count. The counting mouse rocks and snake tube really helped my son retell Mouse Count. He sits there and flips the pages of the book one at a time and slides the numbered mouse rocks through the snake tube when he sees the snake pick up a mouse in the book.

This month, we are doing Owl Babies by Martin Waddell and Patrick Benson (Pictured below. Amazon afflilate link provided. It doesn’t raise the price for you. It just helps my family). It’s a great book to let children know that mommy comes back from whatever she’s doing. When my kiddos were babies, they’d cry whenever I drop them off at the babysitter. I could only imagine what they were thinking, “Mommy is leaving me forever!” So, this book really is a cute way of helping with separation anxiety.

Why a Book Box?

The idea here isn’t to master story retelling. It’s to help your child practice these skills and be familiar with them for kindergarten. In kindergarten, with prompting and support, they will be asked to:

  • retell a familiar story,
  • answer questions about it
  • and identify characters, setting and events.

So, a book box containing a familiar book and fun crafts/items/toys will make learning this skill fun! Play while learning is so important. Play is what children do best and where they feel most comfortable to try new things.  So, a book box makes learning to retell a story playful!

What You Need for the Owl Babies Book Box and Craft

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