Little Blue Truck’s Christmas Craft

We made a Little Blue Truck's Christmas Craft to go along with the book. My kiddos have been having so much fun delivering trees. Make it too!

We made a Little Blue Truck’s Christmas Craft to go along with the book. My kiddos have been having so much fun delivering trees. Make it too!

December is my favorite month of the year. I love the decorations and the activities. I love the hot cocoa and lights. It’s so cheery.

We started our advent activities yesterday. I made some cards, printed them out, laminated them and cut them to size. We are drawing one card a day and doing that activity. If you’d like a set, you can get them as a thank you for signing up for my newsletter: FREE Christmas Advent Activity Cards.

One of the activities is to read Christmas books. So, today we’re reading Little Blue Truck’s Christmas (aff).

I love that the book has counting in it. I can teach my son to count and how to do some subtraction. It’s an easy read. So, my son can retell the story to me too! By kindergarten, children will be asked to retell the main points of a story.

If you haven’t noticed yet (tehe), my friend Beth (from Days with Grey) and I have been teaming up each month to provide a book and a craft/activity that you can do with your kiddos to help prepare them for story retelling.

They absolutely don’t have to master the skill now. But, introducing them to the idea is a great way for them to have a great kindergarten year.

You can see a couple of our past Book Box Story Retells here: Room on The Broom, Dragons Love Tacos, The Watermelon Seed.

But, back to Little Blue Truck’s Christmas. If your kiddos love trucks, farm animals and lights, they’re going to love this book. The very last tree lights up. My kiddos just love it (so much so they kept turning to that page)!

I thought counting trees and a cardboard truck craft would go along with the book. We set out our toy farm animals and delivered a tree to each animal while I read the book to them. I hope you enjoy doing the craft too!

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Number Matching Game {with FREE Printable}

Number Matching

We’ve been having so much fun counting to 10 with the Counting Mouse Rocks. My daughter holds them by the tails and walks around with them. My son gets a kick out of sliding them down the paper towel roll snake into a bucket as we read Mouse Count.

Mouse Count is such a great book for your kiddo’s first Book Box activity! Sometimes, it is really hard for me to get my son to sit still for story time (he loves to always be moving). So, having story time be interactive is perfect! He sat through the entire story; because, there was an activity to do with it. The bonus is: since there is playing involved, he remembers the story better and can retell the story to me!

It’s really cute hearing him tell me the story. And he wants to do it over and over again! #momwin

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