How to Be a Creative Mom When You Are Not

You can be a creative mom. It is possible! I am sharing 8 ways you can be. It is simple and you can start doing fun arts and crafts with your kiddos!

Moms ask me how I’m so creative. I can never really give them a reason how. So, I thought I’d write a post about how to be creative when you are not.

Hopefully, it helps you have more fun with your kiddos at home!

How to Be a Creative Mom When You Are Not

Step One. Think positive. Really. If you think you’re not creative, you won’t be. There are times, I look at my projects and say out loud, “This is horrible! I’m not creative!” But, creativity is tying new things and seeing what happens. It can come out great, it can come out looking like poop; but, did you have fun? Which leads me to step two.

Step Two. What I am trying to say is that the projects you’re doing don’t have to be Pinterest worthy. What matters most is the fun you have with your kids. They don’t know that mom is just making it up as she goes along. They don’t know that it’s not the prettiest project. All they know, is mom is making an effort to have fun and do something with them.

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