In My Heart Book Craft – Happy Gram

We are loving this In My Heart Craft! It's so fun to take someone a happy gram. Make one too!

We are loving this In My Heart Book Craft! It’s so fun to take someone a happy gram and teach my preschooler about feelings. Make one too!

My son has a hard time reading emotions on other people’s faces. So, I try to find books about emotions that will keep his attention and teach him about them.

I came across the book In My Heart – A Book of Feelings By Jo Witek.

I love the simplicity of the book and the color choices. It’s bright and uses white space, so it’s not overwhelming for my son. It describes each feeling in simple words my son is able to connect with and understand. My hope is that if he understands the feelings he feels, he will be able to recognize them in others.

Of course, reading a book is great! Especially, when it’s so cute. But, at our house, we love going beyond the book and extend learning and fun.

If you haven’t noticed yet (tehe), my friend Beth (from Days with Grey) and I have been teaming up each month to provide a book and a craft/activity that you can do with your kiddos to help prepare them for story retelling.

They absolutely don’t have to master the skill now. But, introducing them to the idea is a great way for them to have a great kindergarten year.

You can see a couple of our past Book Box Story Retells here: Room on The Broom, Dragons Love Tacos, The Watermelon Seed.

But, back to In My Heart. We made a Happy Gram to spread happiness to someone else. Check it out!

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