Apple Counting Activity – Apple Pie Pretend Play

Apple Counting Activity

Make this Apple Counting Activity for your child to pretend to be an apple pie baker and count apples! Learn to count to 12.

I am so excited that fall is right around the corner! Give me all the fall scented candles, drinks and sweet treats!

I tend to get in a baking mood when the weather cools down. I pretty much live in the kitchen during fall and love every minute of it (minus washing the dishes of course).

So, I thought I’d get my kiddos excited about baking with an apple counting activity! And, you know me, I love an activity you can also play with! So, it’s a learn-while-you-play activity! Mom win!

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Count to 10 with Counting Mouse Rocks + DIY Video

Mouse Rocks

My kids love when I tell them a story, especially when it’s their favorite story. Sometimes, my son will tell me his own version during story time. It’s really awesome to see how much he remembers!

He doesn’t know how to read yet (that will come with practice); but, he asks to hold the book to flip through the pages and tell me the story.

Story time is special at our house. I try to carve out a good 30 minutes for that everyday. Sometimes that 30 minutes is broken up into two 15-minute story times.

Why is Story Time Important

Story time is important for your child’s imagination. It helps your child picture places and things and people. It helps them develop language and listening skills and later understand written words. Reading also develops a closer relationship between you and your child.

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You can make story time even more special by adding activities that go along with the story or having a Book Box with items that help them retell the story to you.

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