Build a Hamburger Game

Build a Hamburger Game {FREE Printable}


  • 6 pages
  • 8.5 x 11 inches
  • toddler activity
  • personal use only


Product Description

We are learning the letter H this week! Yesterday we started our letter H unit with a “neigh!” See: H is for Horse. And we are continuing the fun with¬† H is for Hamburger, today!

I decided to do an interactive game using paper I had on hand and basic shapes (circles, squares and triangles).

You can see my crafty hamburger skills: H is for Hamburger! To make this game easier for you, I made a FREE 6-page printable for you to print out, cut out and play!

Build a Hamburger

Game Ideas with Build a Hamburger

  • Set the stacks of each item out on a table and have your kiddo build a hamburger.
  • Make it a challenge: How many hamburgers can you make in 30 seconds?
  • Pretend Play: Setup a “Hamburger Restaurant.” Have your kiddo wear an apron. Mama/Daddy is the customer and orders custom hamburgers for Kid Chef to make.

What Do Kiddos Learn

Your kiddo will learn motor skills, patterns, and the letter H.  To learn the letter H, review that the word hamburger begins with H. Write the word on a flash card with the letter H underlined. Set it out while playing.



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