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Barn Animal Printable

Barn Animals {FREE Printable}


  • Barn Animal Printable (8.5 x 11 )
  • Barn, Book, and Sticks not included (pictured for demonstration)



Product Description

We are learning the letter B at our house. So, I built a barn out of a tissue box, colored paper and hot glue. But, what is a barn without barn animals? Sad and lonely {insert sad face}.

So, I made some barn animals, colored them and taped them to sticks.

Barn Animals

I thought you would like to do this with your kiddos too! So, I made a free printable of my doodles.

Simply print it out, color the animals, cut them out and tape them to sticks. You may even label them too, if you’d like!

Activities to do with the Barn Animals

  1. Sing Old McDonald had a Barn (instead of Farm; that’s what we did since we’re learning the letter B). Use the barn animals that are from the printable to hold while you sing.
  2. Read Barnyard Dance, point to the letter B and say, “this is the letter B,” every time you see it on a page. Your kiddos can hold the animals while you read too!
  3. Play a game! Lay the 4 animals on a table. Tell your child, “When you see one of these 4 animals (the chicken, pig, cow and sheep), pick it up and make it’s sound. Remember, a chicken says cluck, a pig says oink, a cow says moo and a sheep says baa!” Then read the book and have some fun!

If you don’t have Barnyard Dance, here is a affiliate link for it (it doesn’t raise the price for you; it just helps my family):Barnyard Dance!

It’s such a fun book! We even do the dance moves it says in it! So, it gets you up and moving!

**To see how I am teaching my son the ABCs, check out this blog post: How to Teach Your Kids the ABCs.

And here is some more Letter B fun we’re having on Instagram!

If you take a picture of you and your kiddos using the Barn Animals, please tag @themamaworkshop! I’d love to see how much fun you’re having!








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