What Fear Loves to Tell You

what fear loves to tell you

Fear loves to tell you that you can’t do anything – that you’re not good enough. It loves to linger by your side, so whenever you feel any ounce of courage, it makes its presence known. But, you know what? Being brave doesn’t mean you’re fearless. It means you have fear, you’ve just decided to step out and do the things that scare you anyway.

Giving up fear for bravery is so hard, especially when you have listened to its lies for so long. But, it’s time to let go of it.

I read that when you are in a constant state of stress, worry and/or fear, your body can’t heal. You end up sick. Your body is in a constant fight or flight response that it causes your body to tense and your organs to not work properly.

I don’t want that to happen to you or to me. I know that when I am sick, I am not the mom I need to be for my children. When I believe the lies Fear is telling me, I doubt my gifts that I was born with. I was given a set of gifts to use to help my children become who they are meant to be. With my particular struggles that I have experienced throughout my lifetime, I can help my children work through their struggles and fears.

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Fear – How to Overcome it and Find Bravery

how to overcome fear

Fear, mom fear to be exact, can consume a mom.

Right away, I had this sense of urgency to protect my children. When we brought my son home from the hospital, I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. Well, for starters, I thought he was the most adorable baby I had ever seen in my life. His coos just melted my heart. But, when it came to lay him down in his bassinet, I couldn’t help but have this overwhelming fear.

Is he going to be able to breathe? Is he going to stop breathing in the middle of the night?

It overwhelmed me so much, that I woke up every hour to go check on him. I would wait and see if his little chest would move.

I was a first time mother. I had no idea what I was doing or how to do anything. This went on for months. So, I was this really tired mom during the day. I would sneak in naps when I could. But, even they were really short.

Eventually the fear went away. But, new fears trickled in. Like when he started to crawl. He would find every little thing on the floor and put it in his mouth.

Is he going to choke?

Those were the moments that made my anxiety creep up into my throat. It’s scary. I am raising a human being. I am now managing an impulsive personality in my home that is foreign to me. He’s now three and gives me other things that nearly give me heart attacks.

But, over the years I have learned to trust that he is far more capable of things than I give him credit for doing. What he does still makes me silently gasp; but, if I continue to live with a constant fear. I can’t be the best mama for him. And with two kiddos now, oh boy, there are moments I just have to close my eyes, say a prayer and just breathe.

Being brave is really hard. So, what are some ways to overcome fear?

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