19 Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday, Mama


I’m on a mission to have a mini birthday celebration everyday until my birthday! My birthday is at the end of this month and I am looking for ways to celebrate with my kids (and without).  I have very limited babysitters on my list to call. So, it takes creativity to celebrate.

Yesterday, I went to Target with my son and daughter to buy a couple things. On the way out, I asked my kiddos, “Do you want a cake pop?” Of course they said, “YES!”

I was just going to buy the cake pops and leave. But, my son decided to sit down at the little tables and enjoy the scenery of the people entering and exiting the store. Why not? We all sat down and ate our cake pops. It was relaxing to stop the everyday routine for 10 minutes and enjoy eating a cake pop with the little loves of my life. Life was on pause. It helped me be thankful (which is a mini celebration).

So, number one on my list is: Go enjoy a cake pop with your kids.

My Birthday Celebration Agenda

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Reviewing the Letter D {with free printable}

reviewing the letter d

Today, we are reviewing the Letter D in our house. I like to do several activities for one letter; so, my son can recognize the letter later.

**If you’re stopping by for the first time, we did D is for Dinosaur earlier in the week. It has a free printable activity worksheet and a craft video that goes great with the activity.

My son really loved tracing a dinosaur and learning things about dinosaurs. He asked if there were more activities for him to do. So, for today’s activity, I made a worksheet that will help my son review the letter D. It’s a fun little activity to help recognize other things or animals that start with the letter D, trace the letter D and draw a dog.

Reviewing the Letter D Activity Worksheet

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Letter D Activity Worksheet & Video

letter d worksheet

D is for Dinosaur. It definitely is! Especially in my house. My kids love running around pretending they are dinosaurs. They have some foam dinosaur masks that they put on while they see who can roar the loudest. It’s really fun to watch! So, naturally, when it came to learning the letter D, I made a toddler activity that included tracing a dinosaur, coloring it and identifying the letter D.

But, why stop there. Keep the dinosaur fun up too! Here is what we did for our dinosaur activity:

Make a dinosaur out of paper towel rolls

I found this pin on Pinterest to make a dinosaur out of paper towel rolls. It has pictures to try and replicate the dinosaur. But, I figured I make a DIY video for you all to follow along and make these. It takes less than 5 minutes to do (2 minutes and 54 seconds to be exact). Watch the DIY video below (don’t mind how dorky I am; I feel really weird making videos – my brain goes blank and then I sound, well, weird. I will get better the more DIY videos I make for you mamas):Continue Reading…

Slow Cooker Chile Con Queso

Slow Cooker Chile Con Queso

Slow Cooker Chile Con Queso is a must during Game Day! It’s delicious. It’s simple. It will soon become a game day favorite.

My husband loves to watch football on the weekends. It’s his way of relaxing after 12-14 hour days during the week. So, we make the weekend fun-football weekend during football season. So for snacks during the football games, I like to keep it simple.

To make Game Day fun for the entire family, do a fun victory dance every time there is a touch down, wear your favorite team’s jersey, and cheer for your team as though you are there at the game! It makes it so much fun and I am not really a football fan.

So, back to the Slow Cooker Chile Con Queso. Here is what you need:

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Pita Pizzas (A Quick Lunch Idea)

Pita Pizzas

Pita Pizzas are a favorite in our house. They only take 7 minutes to make. Plus, a quick lunch idea that the kids love is a mom’s best friend because, well, you know why.

Pita Pizzas are awesome because you can top them with whatever you like (mushrooms and olives, pepperoni and sausage, pineapple and Canadian bacon, or go a little nuts and try fig and pine nuts).

We chose to top our pizzas with cheese, pepperoni, olives and fresh parsley. It’s so good. I think we will make these once a week.

We had a lot of fun as a family putting the pita pizzas together. The kids sprinkled the cheese and picked their toppings. I have little chefs in the making. One day they will be able to make it all on their own {enter a squeal of joy}!Continue Reading…