A Kiss a Day Keeps Worry Away

how to get rid of worry - bible study

My son comes up to me with scrapes and bruises almost daily.  Sometimes, he’s crying for me to give them a kiss. Sometimes, he just wants to show me his ow-ies like it’s a prize he just won.

But, when it’s the scrapes and bruises that hurt, he comes straight to me with out-stretched arms wanting the comfort of his mama.

I try not to react saying, “Oh my goodness! Are you okay? That looks like it hurts.” He’s coming to me for comfort. So, if I react in a way that reinforces his discomfort, he is going to continue to cry (and possibly cry about it throughout the day).

So, instead I give him a hug and ask what happened. He tells me his story through his tears. When he’s done, I give him a kiss on his cheek and tell him, “Son, you are so brave and strong. Let’s clean your ow-ie. It’ll still hurt for only a little bit; but, then it won’t bother you anymore.” And he goes on his merry way playing again like nothing happened.

Why? Because, “worry weighs a person down; an encouraging word lifts a person up,” (Proverbs 12:25). I try to encourage my son in any situation (good or bad). Every moment is a teachable moment. After all, my son is in my life to learn about life and become who he was born to be.

Isn’t this how my relationship is suppose to be with God? Oh yes, yes and yes.

Every worry. Every hurt. Every happy moment. I should run to my father with open arms and share it with him.

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I AM a MOM {Making Motherhood Important}

I am a mom

“Oh, I’m just a mom,” is usually what I say when someone asks me what I do for a living. Then, the conversation gets a little awkward after that and we quickly try to change the subject. But, why? It doesn’t need to be that way.

We went to our favorite restaurant for breakfast this weekend and my husband asked a young guy handing us water, “are you our waiter?” He replied, “No. I’m just a busboy. ”

I was so quick to correct him: “You are not just a busboy. You are a busboy.”He smiled from ear to ear.

This made me think, “Why am I so quick to correct him about what he does; but, when it comes to myself, I’m just a mom?”

“I’m just a Mom,” makes motherhood not important

When I tell someone that I’m just a mom, I’m telling her that it’s not important. All the things I do daily (making breakfast, refereeing a fight over a toy, giving hugs and kisses, reading stories, teaching my kids about life, etc.) become not important. So, if she isn’t a mom and maybe has been considering becoming one, I might be giving her some doubt.

I need to change my answer. We all do.

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Slow Cooker Tri Tip Sandwiches

Slow Cooker Tri Tip Sandwiches

Slow Cooker Tri Tip sandwiches are one of my favorite things to eat for dinner. They’re great for celebrating something special or having something different than the usual chicken.

Valentine’s Day is coming up next week! So, I’m going to celebrate by making these sandwiches for me and my family. We don’t have a baby sitter. So,  I have been decorating the house, mainly for the kiddos, to prepare and coming up with activities to do together.

Like this Cupid’s Arrow Toss by Playground Park Bench.

My husband and I usually skip dinner dates for Valentine’s Day. The wait time at a restaurant can easily be an hour or longer without a reservation. Plus, we save money by cooking at home. Tri Tip sandwiches cost less than $25 and serve 4 (perfect for our home date with the kids).

They’re so simple and delicious. You put everything in a slow cooker in the morning; and, it’s ready by dinner time. So, you can go do some Valentine’s Day activities during the day and not stress about cooking dinner that evening!

No restaurant wait. No restaurant bill. Just you and your date, a quiet night in and a delicious dinner.

Slow Cooker Tri Tip Sandwiches:

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Banana Coconut Protein Balls

recipe for protein balls

Protein balls are one of my favorite snacks to make for my family. I try to keep a bowl of them in the fridge for when I need a snack in between meals or forget to eat (you know, mom life). They are packed with so much goodness and are a healthy, sweet treat! If you haven’t heard of protein balls before, they are sort of like granola bars just miniature versions.

I try not to skip meals, but sometimes there are unavoidable (or maybe avoidable) disasters, like forgetting to buy more milk at the store (which is avoidable) and it’s raining sideways outside (not avoidable).

A few weeks ago, I shared my out-of-almond-milk story on Instagram.

To recap what happened, here’s the story: I forgot to buy almond milk. It was raining sideways outside and flooding. I couldn’t go to the store because I don’t have a car boat. So, I made my own almond milk using what I had.

I used this recipe: Totally Heavenly Homemade Vanilla Almond Milk by The Healthy Foodie. I didn’t have the dates; so, I sweetened it with maple syrup. After making the almond milk, I had a good amount of almond meal left over and I didn’t want to waste it. So, I made up a recipe using it for Protein Balls.

Banana Coconut Protein Balls

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DIY Valentine’s Day Heart Garland

Valentine's Day Heart Garland

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! So, we are decorating with what we have in our craft cupboard. My son asked if we could decorate for Valentine’s Day. So, I went to our hallway closet (where we keep the holiday decorations) to see what we had.

It was so sad. We had two door hangers. One that says LOVE with hearts around it and another little sign that says LOVE  with a glitter border.

Well, it is love month. But, it doesn’t look so love-y in our home. So, we changed that! I made a Valentine’s Day Heart Garland this morning. It took 15 minutes to make!

Here is what you need for the garland:

How to Make a Valentine’s Day Heart Garland

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