Meet Ludavia

I’m Ludavia, founder of The Mama Workshop. I’m happy you want to get to know me!


I love to laugh and smile (the most beautiful people are the one’s who smile. So, smile Mama. You’re beautiful. And if you and I get laugh lines, it just proves what a happy life we’ve enjoyed).

So,  I’m so happy that my husband loves to make me laugh and smile. He is so playful and continues to make me blush! I met him in 2005 and married him in 2007. He is definitely my best friend.


6 years later, our son entered our lives in 2013. He has brought joy to our house we never knew existed. I love being a mom. I was called to be one!

He is such a ball full of energy. I can hardly keep up with him. Thank God for coffee, coffee, and more coffee. He’s wants to know everything about everything (like how the light switch turns the light on – he wants to know what makes it do that besides flicking a switch), do everything himself (he now knows how to crack eggs in a pan and stir them with a spatula), and be the center of attention (he makes the silliest faces and goes around saying hi to all the strangers as we pass them in the aisles of the grocery store). And he loves to build things (train tracks and Lego buildings) and read books (we have a library shelf full of them)!

2015 we added a beautiful little girl to our family. She is one sweet and fiery little girl. She’s tough. And she is such a cuddle bug. I love it when she carries her favorite blankie around and holds her little baby doll giving it sweet kisses. But, don’t you dare try to take it away. You will see her fiery side. She loves tutus and sparkly shoes. And she loves to play in dirt and throw footballs.

Some of My Favorite Things

  • Coffee
  • Chai Tea Lattes
  • Cookies (frosted sugar cookies. I will eat an entire tray!)
  • Singing in the car
  • Making gourmet breakfast dishes (like savory and sweet crepes)
  • Making up silly songs for my little ones to learn about things
  • Country Music and line dancing
  • Going to the mountains to hike, sight see and be unplugged from the world
  • Going to my MOPS group – I get to bond with other moms!
  • Reading books to my little ones in an animated fashion
  • Drawing Superheros (even before I had a son)
  • Reading Motivational Books
  • and the list keeps going, so I’ll stop here!

Why The Mama Workshop

The Mama Workshop started as (a DIY and Recipe blog) as a creative outlet when my son was born. I was a new stay-at-home-mom and wanted something to do while my son napped. So, I posted nifty things to make. Then, he became mobile and that was a game changer.

A couple months after finding out I was pregnant with my daughter, I found out my mom had breast cancer with a few months to live. I stressed out my entire pregnancy about losing my mom. She kept telling me not to stress about her to think about my baby. She was fighting to make it until my daughter was born. The doctors were surprised that she kept showing to her appointments. The cancer had spread to her lungs, into her brain, it was everywhere. But, she was still alive and smiling and encouraging others that were fighting too.

She didn’t make it to see my daughter born. She passed away a month before.

I relaunched my blog (The Mama Workshop) in October 2016 as an encouragement resource for moms (in honor of how encouraging my mom was).

With being a mom without a mom, I look for ways to simplify motherhood and build a tribe. So, I blog to help other moms with tips, quick recipes, toddler activities and encouragement.

I may not have a mom to give me advice about motherhood. But, I can build a tribe to learn from others and help them with what I find to make motherhood simpler.

Let’s Connect

I would love to connect more on Instagram. I post encouraging things on there everyday. I am also on Facebook, Twitter and love to pin nifty things on Pinterest.

Thanks for reading a little about me and I can’t wait to get to know you!