I’m on a journey to Find My Brave. I want to know what it is to be me bravely. No comparisons. Just me. So, I created a series titled, “Find Your Brave” to help me and to help others discover their BRAVE despite the obstacles life brings.

Why this series?

I have had several life changing moments all within the last couple of years. I became a mom 2 years ago to a very energetic, intelligent boy; I experienced some close people die, including the loss of my mom to cancer June 2015, and, I had my sweet baby girl July 2015.

Loss and change can get to you. When there are several things to juggle all in a short period of time, it makes you doubt yourself and your talents. It makes you evaluate everything when life seems shorter. So, this is exactly what I need to get back to feeling like me or finding a new me.

And maybe you don’t relate to losing loved ones or giving birth. But, there is always something that makes you feel doubtful or fearful. It could be that you are comparing yourself to that “put-together” person or you’re trying to live life to standards other than your own or maybe you’re just afraid to step out of your comfort zone. It could be anything.

We all have our moments of weakness. But, we need to focus on our strengths. And this series will help with that.

The series starts October 1, 2015. I will be adding posts throughout the month of October. You can find each post here. So, simply pin the following graphic to Pinterest to read the posts at your own pace, subscribe via email or follow along everyday the month of October on the homepage.


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Find Your Brave Series Posts:

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