Letter C Activity Worksheet

the letter C

The Letter C is for Cupcake, especially this month! It’s my birthday month! So, this is perfect! Virtual cupcakes all around! We have been celebrating my birthday all month long with mini celebrations.

You may read all about the mini celebrations we have been doing over at 19 Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday {with or without kids}.

It has been so fun! One of the mini celebrations, of course, was to go get a special cupcake from the local bakery that is 5 minutes walking distance from our house. We picked out the Funfetti cupcake. The colorful sprinkles made it a must-have cupcake, especially for my kiddos. You want a cupcake yet? Sorry, not sorry.

Back to the activity…

I have been trying to help my son recognize numbers while learning new letters. So, I made this activity worksheet to help him recognize the letter C and numbers 1-4.

The Letter C Toddler Activity

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Reviewing the Letter D {with free printable}

reviewing the letter d

Today, we are reviewing the Letter D in our house. I like to do several activities for one letter; so, my son can recognize the letter later.

**If you’re stopping by for the first time, we did D is for Dinosaur earlier in the week. It has a free printable activity worksheet and a craft video that goes great with the activity.

My son really loved tracing a dinosaur and learning things about dinosaurs. He asked if there were more activities for him to do. So, for today’s activity, I made a worksheet that will help my son review the letter D. It’s a fun little activity to help recognize other things or animals that start with the letter D, trace the letter D and draw a dog.

Reviewing the Letter D Activity Worksheet

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Letter D Activity Worksheet & Video

letter d worksheet

D is for Dinosaur. It definitely is! Especially in my house. My kids love running around pretending they are dinosaurs. They have some foam dinosaur masks that they put on while they see who can roar the loudest. It’s really fun to watch! So, naturally, when it came to learning the letter D, I made a toddler activity that included tracing a dinosaur, coloring it and identifying the letter D.

But, why stop there. Keep the dinosaur fun up too! Here is what we did for our dinosaur activity:

Make a dinosaur out of paper towel rolls

I found this pin on Pinterest to make a dinosaur out of paper towel rolls. It has pictures to try and replicate the dinosaur. But, I figured I make a DIY video for you all to follow along and make these. It takes less than 5 minutes to do (2 minutes and 54 seconds to be exact). Watch the DIY video below (don’t mind how dorky I am; I feel really weird making videos – my brain goes blank and then I sound, well, weird. I will get better the more DIY videos I make for you mamas):Continue Reading…

Toddler Activity: Learning Shapes and Colors

Learning Shapes and Colors

We are learning shapes and colors in our house this week. So, I made a toddler activity for my son to find shapes, learn colors, trace shapes and cut the shapes out.

I doodled it. You can see it on my Instagram feed. But, I made a digital version to share with all of you. I like to do activities more than one time; so, my son gets extra practice and can refine his skills. So, this will come in handy to print out a few for him to do at least twice a week.

With the doodle version, I had more shapes on it. We have been practicing these shapes out of books we have. So, he was familiar with all of them. I wanted him to be able to trace the shapes to practice holding a pencil more. And I wanted him to be able to cut the shapes out to practice using scissors.

He did rather well for only his second time using scissors (he’s 3 by the way – I forgot to mention that). He did the bottom 5 shapes in the picture below. They are a rectangle, circle, square, triangle and hexagon. With more practice they will be more recognizable. Continue Reading…