DIY Name Puzzle for Toddlers

DIY Name Puzzle for Toddlers using household items you have already! Play a game with your toddler to learn to spell his name.

This DIY Name Puzzle for Toddlers can help your child get familiar with the letters in his name. He will also learn the order of the letters and learn that it is read left to right.

I have been researching what my son needs to be familiar with before entering kindergarten. So, then the play-and-learn activities I do with him are touching on those kindergarten-ready checklists.

One of the kindergarten-ready things, is writing his own name. Writing practice will come next. But, for now, we are doing a name puzzle just so he gets familiar with the letters in his name, the order of the letters and that it’s read left to right.

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Toddler Shapes Activity (a Pineapple Game)

Toddler Shapes Activity

Play this Toddler Shapes Activity with your little one to introduce shapes!

My daughter was so curious about shapes when we played the Pineapple Shapes Memory Game. She kept pointing at them and asking, “What’s that, Mama?” She would pick them up and show me over and over again.

I love her curious little mind. She never ceases to amaze me!

So, I decided to make a shapes activity for toddlers (pineapple style) for her, so she can play something more at her level. She matched them all up!

I will have to make multiple pineapples with different shapes! She’s a smart cookie! But for now, we will play this shapes activity for toddlers over and over to her heart’s desire.

In case you want to have pineapple and shapes fun too, I’m sharing this simple little craft and game with you all below. I hope you play it with your little ones! Playing and learning is our favorite over here (if you haven’t figured that out yet. LOL).

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Pineapple Shapes Memory Game

Play this Pineapple Shapes Memory Game with your kids for summertime fruits fun! Learn shapes and boost memory skills. Print the FREE printable to play the preschool game.

We’ve been playing our Pineapple Shapes Memory Game to learn different shapes! It’s such pineapple fun!

I wanted to make it an indoor game for the kiddos because we have been having a hot, hot summer. So, I jumbo-sized the pineapples to play the game on the floor.

As you may have seen on my Instagram feed, we have been playing games and making crafts involving summer fruit. See our Pineapple Gift Box and Watermelon Tea Cup.

My son loved the pineapple gift box so much, especially because it had PEZ wrapped up in it. So, I designed a pineapple learning game that would help him with his memory skills and review shapes.

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Watermelon Seed Matching Game

Watermelon Seed Matching Game

We’ve been playing our Watermelon Seed Matching Game and reading The Watermelon Seed by Greg Pizzoli. It’s such watermelon fun!

The Watermelon Seed is such a cute book! The crocodile has eaten watermelon since he was baby (chomp, slurp, burp). He loves it for breakfast, loves it for lunch and, you guessed it, loves it for dinner. But one day, he swallows a seed (gulp). What will happen?!

It goes through some pretty silly scenarios.

I asked my kiddos, “How many seeds do you think he has swallowed since he was a baby?” They looked at me for a second.

My son said, “I think…100!” “Oh my! That’s a lot of seeds, son!” We both giggled.

I thought it would be fun to do a Watermelon Seed Matching Game to help my kiddos with counting and pairs. So, I made a simple watermelon craft and turned it into a game. Watch the video below to see how to make it (steps are typed out below too):

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Cardboard Tree with Removable Monkeys Craft

Cardboard Tree with Removable Monkeys

Retelling Caps for Sale wouldn’t be the same without a cardboard tree with removable monkeys! Where would the peddler nap? And who would take the peddler’s caps? There would be no story. LOL.

You gotta have the tree and monkeys.

We’ve been having so much fun with this book. My son dressed up as the peddler. He put on daddy’s coat and hat; I made him a mustache to wear out of cardstock. We even took turns stacking as many hats as we can find in the house on our heads. It turned into a counting game of who could stack the most hats.

It’s been super fun!

But the monkeys and the tree! My son was wondering where those were. So, to the drawing board (not really, but I had to put my thinking cap on).

I asked myself, “how can I make monkeys in a tree that can “climb” down and take the wooden peddler’s playdoh hats?”

Presto! Cardboard, paint, scissors and command strips! That will do!

Read on to find out how to make the cardboard tree with removable monkeys:

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