Disneyland in One Day with Toddlers {Part 1}

Disneyland in One Day Part 1

The last time, I went to Disneyland was when I was 3 months pregnant with my son. That was about 4 years ago for my birthday. My hubby and I would go all the time before kids. We’d go for a day date. We’d go for a couple hours (when we were pass holders) to ride our favorite rides and then have dinner. It’s one of my favorite places to go. My hubby even proposed to me in the Blue Bayou restaurant 10 years ago (so it holds a really special place in my heart).

On Saturday, my hubby called me while in Long Beach, CA for work and said, “Pack your bags Babe. We’re going to Disneyland on Sunday to surprise the kids!”


My mind went a million different directions at the same time. Automatically to the worst possible scenarios. Like: my son is going to run away from me like he does sometimes at the grocery store; and, I’m not going to be able to find him in the sea of people. Or my kids are going to throw tantrums a few hours in, which will make it a nightmare experience causing us to have to leave the park (meaning, we spent a good chunk of money for nothing). You know where the mom brain goes.

But, I took a deep breath and told myself, “I am going to think positive thoughts and do this!” So, I got excited! And I packed our bags in less than an hour, loaded everything, got gas and became Disneyland bound!

I called my hubby while on the road and gave us a pep talk, “Babe, we have to go into this thinking it’s going to be a way different experience than when we use to go all the time. We gotta be realistic. You know our kiddos aren’t going to wait in a line that’s more than a 30-minute wait.” He agreed.

So, without anymore pre-story, here is How to Do Disneyland in One Day with Toddlers:

How to Do Disneyland in One Day with Toddlers (Part 1)

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Tropical Crisp {with Pineapple and Banana}

Tropical Crisp

I turned my sweet juicy pineapple into a Tropical Crisp today! I used my pineapple pic to encourage all you mamas that you’re awesome at what you do: Pineapple Motivation.

Then, I turned it into a dessert (I guess motivating others gives me a sweet tooth, who knows?!). We ate a little of the pineapple before turning into a Tropical Crisp. Pineapple is so sweet and cheery.

Now, my belly doesn’t like alot of flour these days, so I have been trying to make recipes with flour substitutes. So, this is why you will see me use coconut flour. But, that just adds to the tropically-ness of this recipe!

How to Make a Tropical Crisp

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Number Matching Game {with FREE Printable}

Number Matching

We’ve been having so much fun counting to 10 with the Counting Mouse Rocks. My daughter holds them by the tails and walks around with them. My son gets a kick out of sliding them down the paper towel roll snake into a bucket as we read Mouse Count.

Mouse Count is such a great book for your kiddo’s first Book Box activity! Sometimes, it is really hard for me to get my son to sit still for story time (he loves to always be moving). So, having story time be interactive is perfect! He sat through the entire story; because, there was an activity to do with it. The bonus is: since there is playing involved, he remembers the story better and can retell the story to me!

It’s really cute hearing him tell me the story. And he wants to do it over and over again! #momwin

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Count to 10 with Counting Mouse Rocks + DIY Video

Mouse Rocks

My kids love when I tell them a story, especially when it’s their favorite story. Sometimes, my son will tell me his own version during story time. It’s really awesome to see how much he remembers!

He doesn’t know how to read yet (that will come with practice); but, he asks to hold the book to flip through the pages and tell me the story.

Story time is special at our house. I try to carve out a good 30 minutes for that everyday. Sometimes that 30 minutes is broken up into two 15-minute story times.

Why is Story Time Important

Story time is important for your child’s imagination. It helps your child picture places and things and people. It helps them develop language and listening skills and later understand written words. Reading also develops a closer relationship between you and your child.

Read: 10 Reasons Why You Should Read to Your Kids

You can make story time even more special by adding activities that go along with the story or having a Book Box with items that help them retell the story to you.

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How to Teach the ABCs {Resources + the Letter A}

teach the ABCs

I have had several mamas ask me how I teach my kiddos the ABCs. So, I’d thought I do a post on what I use and do to teach them.

Teaching the ABCs can be so fun. It brings out my inner child for sure! I get really into the crafts! I like to get creative and make it super fun for my kiddos. Sure, I can sit there and show them flashcards over and over (which is awesome, if that works for your kids). But, my kiddos get really bored easily. And in all candidness, that would bore me; and, I would rush through it.

**I do have flash cards (they come in handy for reviewing letters). I pick out the letters that we have already learned and ask my son what each letter is to make certain he still knows them.

I do what works for my family. And that is exactly what you should do too! What works for me, may not work for you. So, try a few of the things and add or subtract to it as you need.

Resources to Teach Your Kids the ABCs

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