DIY Grinch Christmas Ornament

We had so much fun making this DIY Grinch Christmas Ornament and reading the book! I love when we can use supplies we already have. Have fun making one too!

It really is the most wonderful time of the year. So, don’t be a Grinch. Haha! But, really.

We try to be those holly jolly people that smile and say Merry Christmas to everyone. Some people make it really tough. But, it really is about loving the people around you and sharing cheer. So, we’re choosing not to be the old Grinch.

My kiddos really love How the Grinch Stole Christmas. They love how he ends up being good and learning that Christmas doesn’t come from a store. And that he gets to enjoy Christmas.

So, we decided to make a Grinch Christmas Ornament to go along with the book. The kiddos enjoyed making it.

We didn’t have to go out and buy things to make it either. We used what we had. Hopefully, you have all the stuff to make it too.

We had so much fun making this DIY Grinch Christmas Ornament and reading the book! I love when we can use supplies we already have. Have fun making one too!

DIY Grinch Christmas Ornament – Materials

  • cardboard
  • pen/pencil
  • scissors
  • glue stick and glue
  • tape
  • red felt
  • cotton balls
  • green ribbon
  • yellow paper (cardstock/construction)
  • black marker
  • green acrylic paint
  • foam brush

DIY Grinch Christmas Ornament – Instructions

Step One. Draw a pear-ish shape on cardboard and cut it out. This will be the Grinch’s face.

Step Two. Next, setup your kiddos’ workstation to paint the face green. I laid out butcher paper outside and squirted the green paint on the paper for them to dab their foam brushes in. Have them paint away! Can you tell it’s still a little warm where we live?

DIY Grinch Christmas Ornament - Workstation

Step Three. Once the cardboard is dry, setup an invitation-to-create box. I put red felt triangles, cotton balls, glue and yellow paper semi-circles in the box. I set it out on a play table along with the cardboard faces.

DIY Grinch Christmas Ornament - Invitation to Create

Step Four. Then, have your kiddos glue the hat onto the top of the cardboard and the cotton balls to the hat (we used 3 for the bottom and 1 on the top). Let’s get very real here, the cotton balls would not stick with glue to the felt. So, I rolled some tape to make double-sided tape and taped those boogers on. That did the trick!

DIY Grinch Christmas Ornament - Cotton Balls

Step Five. Tell your kiddos, “it’s time to add the eyes!” Then, have your kiddos glue the yellow semi circles on as eyes with a glue stick. The next steps are all you, Mama.

DIY Grinch Christmas Ornament – Mama’s Turn

Step Six. Next, draw pupils, a nose and mouth on the Grinch using the black marker. I added some eye lashes for him to look less scary and outlined his eyes. But, the kiddos still thought he was a little too mean. So, maybe don’t slant the eyes inward as much like my kiddos did.

Step Seven. Then, cut about 2-3 inches of green ribbon, loop it and tape it to the back of the felt hat. You have a loop to hang it on a tree.

Step Eight. My kiddos really wanted to add a heart. So, I cut a heart out of the red felt and attached it to the bottom with ribbon. In other words, I slapped some tape on it. Hehe. I taped the ribbon to the back of the bottom of the face and the back of the heart.

Voila! You now have a DIY Grinch Christmas Ornament!

DIY Grinch Christmas Ornament - Facebook

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    What a fun ornament idea! My kids love both the book and the movie.

    I’m so excited to be following your blog now. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas!


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