Snowball Counting with Number Cards Printable

We have been learning S is for Snow and counting snowballs. It is so fun especially when the setup is so simple! Try Snowball Counting too!

We have been learning the letter S for the past week here at home. Especially S is for Snow. We really wished it snowed here, so we could play in the snow, build snowmen, and look at snowflakes.

But, we don’t have snow (sad face). So, we made our own using conditioner and baking soda. It was a simple recipe: just a half cup of conditioner mixed with 2 cups baking soda. Voila! Snow! We made mini snowmen and drew the letter S in the snow. So, fun. It got pretty messy when the kiddos decided to have a snow ball fight. But, we all got a broom and swept it up. No biggie.

Let them play, right?!

We also made salt dough ornaments. They’re sitting on the counter for us to paint. We have snowflakes and snowmen. I hope they make it to the Christmas tree.

We even checked out a couple books from the library (they’re pretty affordable on Amazon. We just might add them to our library permanently. Here are a couple affiliate links for your convenience. It doesn’t raise the price for you at all: Snow and Little Snow Ghosts).

So, before the snow activities we read these books and I have my son find the letter S on the covers. If he wants, he finds the S’s on the pages. It’s great letter recognition practice!

One of the S activities my son enjoyed was Snowball Counting. It’s so simple. It helps your kiddo recognize numbers 1-10 and even introduce them to a little bit of addition, subtraction and counting.

We have been learning S is for Snow and counting snowballs. It is so fun especially when the setup is so simple! Try Snowball Counting too!

Snowball Counting – Materials

  • index cards
  • marker
  • cotton balls
  • small bucket

Snowball Counting- Instructions

**My daughter got in on the action. She’s two. Which is too young for this activity. But, she was able to do it with direction.

Step One. Write numbers 1-10 on an index card. Below each number draw dots for the corresponding number. Or print out my Number Recognition Cards and cut them out on the lines. These are good for any counting and matching activity. You can even print them on cardstock and laminate them for extended use.

Step Two. Pour a bunch of cotton balls in a bucket.

Step Three. Set out the cards on a table and place the bucket next to them.

Snowball Counting - Setup

Step Four. Ask your child, “Where is the number one card?” If  she doesn’t recognize the number, say, “count the dots to find it.” Once she finds it, have her put the snowball on the card. Keep going for the rest of the numbers.

Snowball Counting - with Matching

After we did this activity, we built a snowman out of the cotton balls. Pretty much just stacked cotton balls. But, it made us giggle.

I hope you have some Snowball Counting fun!

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