How to Be a Creative Mom When You Are Not

Moms ask me how I’m so creative. I can never really give them a reason how. So, I thought I’d write a post about how to be creative when you are not.

Hopefully, it helps you have more fun with your kiddos at home!

How to Be a Creative Mom When You Are Not

Step One. Think positive. Really. If you think you’re not creative, you won’t be. There are times, I look at my projects and say out loud, “This is horrible! I’m not creative!” But, creativity is tying new things and seeing what happens. It can come out great, it can come out looking like poop; but, did you have fun? Which leads me to step two.

Step Two. What I am trying to say is that the projects you’re doing don’t have to be Pinterest worthy. What matters most is the fun you have with your kids. They don’t know that mom is just making it up as she goes along. They don’t know that it’s not the prettiest project. All they know, is mom is making an effort to have fun and do something with them.

You can be a creative mom. It is possible! I am sharing 8 ways you can be. It is simple and you can start doing fun arts and crafts with your kiddos!

Step Three. I get some of my ideas watching kid cartoons. If it’s catching the attention of my kiddos, then it’s probably something they’d like doing at home. For example: we were watching Sarah and Duck on Netflix. One of the episodes, Sarah makes a lemon cafe and invites friends over to serve them lemon water and lemons while dressed up in a lemon hat and apron. My son comes running to me asking, “can we make a lemon cafe?” BAM! A creative activity happens. Or like Paw Patrol. The pups go save a kitty stuck in a tree. Stick a toy cat in a tree and have your kiddos find a way to save it. Paying attention to the shows your kids love will give you ideas for activities and crafts.

Step Four. Search Pinterest. But, don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t’ turn out the same. I have found that you can have a plan, but that plan gets changed. My son has a mind of his own. So, I can set things out for him and give him instructions. But, it’s up to him how it will turn out. Letting your kiddos lead an activity is great! It gives them room to explore and use their creativity. And remember step two.

Step Five. Don’t just search Pinterest for kid crafts and activities. Venture out. So, if you’re searching for fall crafts for preschoolers, also search Fall Decor. And think to yourself, “how can I turn that fall decor into a kid project?” For example: a leaf garland. Have your kiddos find leaves outside, paint them and clothes pin them to twine to hang. My most popular craft/activity is my Watermelon Seed Matching Game. That idea stemmed from seeing DIY fruit coasters that were cut in half so you can mix and match them.

Step Six. If an idea pops in your head, don’t be hesitant to try it. And let your kids help. Ask them, “how can we make this? What can we use?” My son wanted a building that was on fire for his fire truck and fireman to put out. He said, “we can use red tissue for the fire!” I just had to think of how to make the fire disappear. Using a pamper box, knife skills and a little paint, I got this:

Help Fireman! The building is on fire! Sound the sirens, bring your fire hose, save the day! šŸš’šŸš’šŸš’šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ’¦šŸ’¦ I made an interactive fire-y building to go along with the fire truck I made yesterday (see last post). Scroll left to see the building in action! We are having fun learning the letter F! What are you up to today? ā€¢ ā€¢ ā€¢ ā€¢ ā€¢ #Toddlerfun #blessthismess #motherhoodslens #reggioinspired #arteducation #artmatters #colormehappy #artmatters #earlyyears #earlylearning #invitationtoplay #kidscrafts101 #creativemamas #creativekids #thekidsplay #letthekids #livecreatively #createeveryday #creativetable #creativelifehappylife #kidsactivities #fisforfire #kidbloggersofig #mamalife #tmwcrafts

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If there is a will, there is a way. So, just try it. If it doesn’t turn out, it’s ok. You can still have fun with it or try something else. Just do it together.

Step Seven. Save toilet paper rolls and cardboard boxes. That stuff can be turned into so many things. We made a Millennium Falcon, light sabers (can you tell we like Star Wars?), Name Puzzles, Tree Puzzles, cardboard is our jam. Adding a little paint can turn cardboard into almost anything. So, save that stuff. I have a cabinet full of this stuff. Lord help me.

Step Eight. Keep some essentials on hand: glue sticks, hot glue, scissors, crayons, markers, paint, cardstock, construction paper, paint brushes, pom poms, glitter, tissue paper, wiggly eyes and twine/ribbon. There are so many possibilities with all of that. My cabinet has all of that too. You can make paper pizza and pretend you have a pizza parlor. Have your kiddos take orders. You can doodle. You can glue things to a paper and make it into a card for grandma. Let all of your imaginations go wild. Don’t worry about perfection. It doesn’t exist. Some of the best projects and most popular ones here on The Mama Workshop are ones I didn’t worry about it being Pinterest worthy. It’s real life. So, keep it real, yo (LOL, but seriously).

So, I guess my ultimate advice is Step Two. Projects don’t need to be perfect to be considered creative. Just let your personality shine through it. Make it fun. Make memories. Share your fun! If it looks like a hot mess, it’s more relatable. The audience that matters most, is those kiddos right in front of you. You got this, Mama.

You are creative!

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