L is for Lion Craft and Activity

We are learning the letter L this week! And my son’s favorite so far is L is for Lion. He kept asking, “can we do a lion craft, please? Oh please, Mom?” So, we did. We did an L is for Lion craft!

I wanted the craft to include letter recognition and fine motor skills. So, it has all of that! Whoo hoo!

I absolutely love that my son can be learning multiple things at once.

I had to think for a minute how we could make a lion. So, if you know me and follow me on Instagram, you know that I love raiding my kitchen for supplies. If I don’t have to buy extra things, the better.

I found an empty coffee container with a lid.

I grabbed orange and yellow construction paper, scissors, a black permanent marker, tape and a glue stick. And we were all set to start our lion craft.

Make this L is for Lion Craft and Activity for your preschool to practice scissor skills and to recognize the letter L.

L is for Lion Craft – Materials

  • Empty Coffee Container with Lid
  • Orange Construction Paper (2 sheets, 2 shades)
  • Yellow Construction Paper (1 sheet)
  • Scissors
  • Training Scissors
  • Permanent Black Marker
  • Tape

L is for Lion Craft – Instructions

Step 1. Have your preschooler cut strips of dark orange paper using training scissors. This part of the activity is for fine motor skills (opening and closing scissors). Plus, in kindergarten, your child will need to know how to hold scissors and how to cut lines, zig zags and curves. This is an introduction to that.

cutting strips

Step 2. Sit next to your preschooler and cut a slot in the lid of the container. I used a knife for this. It cut easily. So, you can probably use scissors.


Step 3. Cover the coffee container with yellow paper. I taped the ends onto the back of the container.

Step 4. Cut the excess yellow paper and use it to cover up any remaining label on the coffee container.

Step 5. Have your preschooler glue the strips of paper he cut on the container to make the lion’s mane.

glue strips

Step 6. Draw a lion’s face with marker. We gave him a heart nose. I also wrote Lion on it and underlined the L.

lion face

Step 7. Make letter cards. We made J, K, and L cards. I wrote a row of L’s, a row of J’s, a row of K’s, and then L’s, J’s, and L’s (again). I wanted more L’s than any other letter.


Step 8. Cut them out into little square cards.


L is for Lion Activity – How to Play

Place the cards on the table next to the lion. Mix the letters all up. Have your preschooler find all the L’s and put them in the slot. This helps your preschooler identify the letter L in a mix of other letters (letter recognition).

find the L

I told my son, “The Lion Loves L’s! Let’s help him collect all the L’s!”

put in slot

He did the activity twice. We will use it again this week to review the letter L.

I hope you have some Lion fun!

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Please note: The Mama Workshop is not a credentialed teacher. This is simply an activity to do to supplement your child’s learning.









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