Preschool at Home – Day 2

Our Second Day of Preschool at Home. Here are the materials we used and the lesson plan. We used things we had around the house. The simpler the better!

We started preschool at home on Monday (which went really well). You can read all about what we did on Monday at Our First Day of Preschool at Home. Wednesday still went well, but my kiddos got tired half way through.

I had to remind myself that we are easing our way into a schedule. So, if the kiddos get tired, we rest. No big deal. We can pick up after everyone is rested.

To be candid, I was tired too. So, a break was great!

Our break consisted of watching 2 episodes of Monster Math Squad on Netflix and eating a snack. They were still learning, but it was a break from planned activities.

We have a few favorite learning shows on Netflix. I will have to do a post about that for you all.

After they rested we picked back up and they were happy to keep going! So, a reminder for me (and maybe you too) is: you might have a plan for the day, but things don’t always go as planned. And that’s okay.

I will let you know below the point where the kiddos got tired.

Here is our second day of preschool at home:

Our Second Day of Preschool at Home. Using materials at home. Includes a lesson plan.

Materials Needed for Preschool at Home (Day 2)

  • Daily Calendar
  • Kids Bible (if reading)
  • Read Aloud Book
  • Construction Paper
  • Training Scissors
  • Marker
  • Mega Bloks
  • Calculator

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Circle Time

  • Sing a  Good Morning Song
  • Days of the Week Song
  • Daily Calendar (We use this one from Melissa and Doug that reviews the Month, Day, Year, Day of the Week, Season, Temperature, Forecast, Activities, Emotions)
  • What’s Mommy’s Phone Number? I used a big calculator and guided my son’s hand to dial my phone number as I said it aloud. Then, I asked him to dial the numbers by himself as I said them. Each time it was completed, I said, “That’s Mommy’s phone number!”

Read a Bible Story

We read one bible story out of his bible. I asked him what happened in the story to see if he can retell the main points to me. We use Jesus Calling Bible Story Book by Sarah Young.

Breakfast Time

My son said, “Mom! I want to make breakfast!”

He went to the fridge and gathered his supplies. He brought them to the coffee table (since that table is low). He scooped three spoons of plain Greek yogurt, drizzled honey on top and added a handful of blueberries!

Blueberry Yogurt

This activity helps with developing fine motor skills (holding a spoon, scooping, squeezing a bottle and transferring ingredients). Which is so helpful when it comes to learning how to write.


On Monday, I introduced my son to the Letter K. So, we reviewed the cards and chalkboard on the wall by pointing and saying, “K is for Kite, K is for Key, K is for King, and K is for Kangaroo! Let’s pretend to hop like a Kangaroo!”

In kindergarten, kiddos will need to know directions (up, down, right, left, over and under). So, the Hop Like a Kangaroo Activity included these directions.

I said, “Let’s Hop up and down like a Kangaroo. Now, let’s hop left and right.” Then, I placed a toy my son could hop over safely on the floor and said, “Now, let’s hop over this toy!” I held it up high and asked, “Can you hop under the toy?”

Then, we sang the ABC Song.

Fine Motor Skills

This requires Mama to use a piece of construction paper and marker. Mama, draw zig zag lines, straight lines and curvy lines on a piece of paper. Then, have your preschooler practice cutting the lines with the training scissors. I had to show my son how to hold the scissors and what the activity was. Then, I had him try.

scissor skills

He got really frustrated with this one. After two tries, he said, “Mom, I don’t want to do this. Can we do music time?”

I said, “Learning a new skill takes practice. You will be great at cutting with scissors one day. We don’t have to do this anymore. But, we will try again another day.” Then, we did music time. We did the same activity as Monday (bowls as drums and sang songs).

I wasn’t too worried about this since we practiced fine motor skills at breakfast. And things don’t go as planned. I didn’t want to force the activity and then it escalate into a fit. Then, the entire day would have gone wrong. He wouldn’t have wanted to do anymore activities.


We got our Mega Bloks out. I dumped them out on the floor and asked my son to sort them by color. Then, we counted each color.

In kindergarten, kiddos will be asked to identify each color in an 8-count crayon box and count to 20 or more.

This is the point my kiddos got really tired and we took a break (this was the 2 hour mark).

Pretend Play

After the break, we went outside to play. My son pretended he was king of a castle who was making rock soup. Then, his castle caught on fire (just pretend) and he called the fire department. He was calling me (the fireman girl – that’s what he called me) to come put the fire out. So, I ran over and pretended to put the fire out. Then, he offered me soup.

Story Time

Since he pretended to be a king and K is for King, we read Where the Wild Things Are (since Max, in the story, becomes King of The Wild Things). We read the story 3 times (he kept asking). Each time we would point out the different things in the story.


We had pizza toast. I laid out 3 slices of whole grain toast. I had my son spread on the pizza sauce and sprinkle on the cheese and a little basil. I added cooked chicken Italian sausage. Then, I put it in the oven for 3-5 minutes at 350 degrees (or until cheese melted).

That concluded our preschool at home day!

I plan to share my days with you all. My hope is that we all learn together. I am in no way an expert at preschool. It’s trial and error. I will always be candid with what works and what doesn’t. And my schedule will adjust along the way. Any suggestion you have, I would love to hear. So, please share.

How was your second day of preschool at home?

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Please note: The Mama Workshop is not a credentialed teacher. This is simply an activity to do to supplement your child’s learning.







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    BIG thank you for sharing!!
    I am from Indonesia and have been wondering about how to start homeschooling my 3-year-old son. I often worry about having a too-rigid class vs a class so unstructured that he does not learn anything useful.
    Your post is really helpful! It gives me a clear idea of how to combine different activities in each day.
    I hope you’ll keep writing, I have bookmarked your blog!

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