Apple Picking Activity for Toddlers

Make this Apple Picking Activity for your toddler to practice fine motor skills and number recognition. Such a fun fall activity!

We’ve been picking apples (well paper apples) here at home and counting to 12! It’s been so fun! This really makes me want to drink a cup of hot apple cider or bake an apple crumble.

But, it is way too hot still! Can the cool weather come early this year?!

I made this activity for my daughter (who is 2) to practice her fine motor skills. It morphed into a counting activity for my son (who is 4) to recognize numbers 1-12. It’s apple-picking fun for both kiddos! Yay!

We also read 10 Apples Up on Top. We set aside numbers 11 and 12. As I read the story, my son would find the number I was reading about in the apple pile and then match it up with the number in the tree.

I can’t wait until we actually go out and pick real apples! It will really tie this entire activity together!

Make this Apple Picking Activity for your toddler to practice fine motor skills and number recognition. Such a fun fall activity!

Apple Picking Activity for Toddlers – Materials

  • cardstock (green and red)
  • craft sticks
  • gluestick
  • tape
  • scissors
  • knife
  • permanent marker
  • small box (I used an almond milk carton, washed it, dried it and cut it in half)

Apple Picking Activity for Toddlers – Instructions

Step 1. Cut 5 squares of green cardstock and glue it on your box.

Glue Green Square - Apple Picking Activity

Step 2. Using a knife, cut 12 slits at the top of your box.

cut slits - Apple Picking Activity

Step 3. Cut 12 red circles out of the red carstock (I traced a small cup for the circles, then cut them out). Cut 6 smaller circles out of green cardstock (I traced a nickle) and cut the green circles in half.

Step 4. Write numbers 1-12 on the red circles with permanent marker. Glue one green half circle on each red circle to make them look like apples. Label each slit in the tree 1-12.

Step 5. Tape a craft stick to the back of each apple.

Apples - Apple Picking Activity

Apple Picking Activity for Toddlers – How to Play

For my daughter: I put the apples into the slits of the tree. Then, I had her pull them out and put them in the basket (which helps her practice transferring items from on thing to another).

Picking Apples - Apple Picking Activity

Next, I had her put the apples back in. This helps her with practicing pinching (a fine motor skill). My son did this too!

Putting Apples Back - Apple Picking Activity

For my son: I had him do the same thing. But, when he went to put the apples back in, I had him match the numbers (for number recognition). Every time he matched one, I asked him what the number was. If he couldn’t remember, I told him the number.

Matching Numbers - Apple Picking Activity

Here is my son matching up the apples (my daughter wanted to match the numbers too):

More Number Matching - Apple Picking Activity

I hope you have some apple-picking fun with your kiddos!

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Please note: The Mama Workshop is not a credentialed teacher. This is simply an activity to do to supplement your child’s learning.





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