Clock Craft for Preschoolers

Make this Clock Craft for Preschoolers to help your child recognize important activities in his schedule. Play a matching game too! Thank you Jord for sponsoring this post, so The Mama Workshop community has a fun clock craft to do! All opinions are my own.

It’s back to the daily routine! The school drop offs, the errands, the appointments, the pick ups. You know, mom life.

With all the set schedules, a mama has to be on time (and it would be so nice if the kiddos had some sort of understanding of time to help a mama out). So, I made a clock out of things around the house to help introduce time to my son.

He doesn’t have to master it just yet. No way! He’s just a preschooler. But, if he can recognize what time we have breakfast, when we do preschool activities, when it’s snack time and so on. It can really help me out.

So, of course one of the musts for this activity is having a real analog clock in the house. Also, wearing a watch for when you are doing errands will help too. You can show your kiddo the watch, tell him the time and say, “10 a.m. is errand time.”

I know after a few times of this, he will probably ask for a superhero watch. LOL. But, for now, he gets a paper clock.

Make this Clock Craft for Preschoolers to help your child recognize important activities in his schedule. Play a matching game too! This post is sponsored by Jord.

Clock Craft for Preschoolers – Materials

  • cardboard
  • cardstock (3 colors – I used lilac, blue and white)
  • paper fastener brad
  • ribbon
  • tape
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • black permanent marker
  • pencil
  • plate and bowl for tracing

Clock Craft for Preschoolers – Instructions

Step 1. Cut a flap off of a large cardboard box. Fold it in half hamburger style.

Step 2.  Trace a salad-sized plate on the lilac paper. Cut it out. Glue to the cardboard.

clock craft for preschoolers

Step 3. Trace a bowl (that is smaller than the salad plate) on the white paper. Cut it out. Glue to the center of the lilac circle.

Step 4. Write numbers 1-12 on the white circle copying an analog clock.

clock craft for preschoolers

Step 5. Cut out two arrows (one slightly longer than the other) from the blue paper.

Step 6. Poke the paper fastener brad through the two arrows and then through the center of the paper clock. I had a little difficult time getting it through the cardboard. So, I used a knife to cut a small slit in the middle. Then, I stuck the brad through that.

clock craft for preschoolers

Step 7. Cut two pieces of ribbon (short enough to keep the clock standing upright). Then, tape them to the bottom of the clock to the inside edges.

clock craft for preschoolers

You now have an interactive clock for your preschooler!

Clock Craft for Preschoolers – Activity

I set out the paper clock on a table and showed my watch to my son.

Clock Craft for Preschoolers

I asked him to copy the time on my watch. He did! Then, I told him, “The clocks says it’s 11:15 a.m.”

At 1 p.m., I showed him my watch again and asked him to copy it. It gave him a little more practice.

Jord Watch

He matched the clock!

Telling time with Jord

Activity suggestion: set out your schedule for meal times. Show your child your watch or point to the analog clock in your home and ask, “What time is it?” Say, “It’s 7 a.m.! It’s time for breakfast!” Then, have him copy the time on his clock. You can do this too with planned activities and errands.

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Please note: The Mama Workshop is not a credentialed teacher. This is simply an activity to do to supplement your child’s learning.

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