Apple Counting Activity – Apple Pie Pretend Play

Make this Apple Counting Activity for your child to pretend to be an apple pie baker and count apples! Learn to count to 12.

I am so excited that fall is right around the corner! Give me all the fall scented candles, drinks and sweet treats!

I tend to get in a baking mood when the weather cools down. I pretty much live in the kitchen during fall and love every minute of it (minus washing the dishes of course).

So, I thought I’d get my kiddos excited about baking with an apple counting activity! And, you know me, I love an activity you can also play with! So, it’s a learn-while-you-play activity! Mom win!

Apple Counting Activity

Apple Counting Activity – Materials

  • brown cardstock (3 sheets)
  • red marker
  • scissors
  • muffin pan
  • red and green Legos/pom poms
  • mixing bowl
  • 2 lids

Apple Counting Activity – Instructions

Step 1. Find a lid that fits inside one of the muffin cups and one that fits at the top.

Lids in Muffin Cup - Apple Counting Activity

Step 2. Trace the smaller lid on brown cardstock 12 times. Cut the circles out.

Step 4. Trace the bigger lid 6 times on brown cardstock. Stack it on top of another piece of brown cardstock. Cut the circles out.

Step 5. Using the red marker, write numbers 1-12 on the smaller circles and the bigger circles.

Step 6. Put the smaller circles into the muffin cups. Set on a table. Put the bigger circles next to the pan all mixed up.

Numbers - Apple Counting Activity

Step 7. Have your kiddo help you pick all the red and green Legos (or pom poms) out of their storage container. Set in a mixing bowl.

Apple Counting Activity – How to Play

I had my son wear his play chef apron and gather his play kitchen spoons and spatulas. You can totally do this too! This is where the pretend play comes in. He got to pretend he was a baker baking apple pies!

Have your kiddo count the “apples” into the muffin cups (1 apple in the #1 slot, 2 apples in the #2 slot and so on). After each number group, have your kiddo find the top crust (the large circles) with the matching number. Have him place it on top. He has mini apple pies!

Scooping Apples - Apple Counting Activity

Here is my son putting on the crust:

Crust - Apple Counting Activity

Next, he can pretend to bake them. How fun! Repeat the activity as many times as your kiddo wants to.

Tip: I’d recommend not putting out play spoons (unless you don’t mind introducing addition and subtraction). My son just wanted to scoop Legos into the muffin cups. So, I made it a math activity for him. I let him scoop Legos in. Then, we would look at the number at the bottom of the muffin cup, count the Legos, and either add or subtract them.

During this activity my son was learning number recognition, how to count to 12 and number groups.

I hope you have some apple counting fun!

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Please note: The Mama Workshop is not a credentialed teacher. This is simply an activity to do to supplement your child’s learning.





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