Dragons Love Tacos Craft – House and Tacos

Make this Dragons Love Tacos Craft for some interactive fun while reading the book. Learn the letter T with the matching game!

We’ve been learning T is for Taco and reading Dragons Love Tacos** by Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmieri. It such taco fun!

Dragons Love Tacos is such a cute book! The little boy walks you through how much dragons love tacos, how to get dragons to your taco party, and why to avoid putting spicy salsa on the taco bar. What will happen if you accidentally set it out?! The suspense!

That part is my son’s favorite part! Especially with my sound effects (lol).

We’ve been reading this book over and over. So, I thought it would be fun to make a craft that goes along with the book (something he can play with while I read the book to him).

I was all over that! So, I researched Pinterest, and the main thing I could find was building a taco. Which is totally fun, but I wanted to make something different. I made a house to look like the one out of the book with little paper tacos he can dump into it with his toy boat; because: to get dragons to your taco party you must have a boat-load of tacos at your house.

Make this Dragons Love Tacos Craft for some interactive fun while reading the book. Learn the letter T with the matching game!

Dragons Love Tacos Craft – Materials

  • milk carton (cleaned and dried)
  • white cardstock
  • red cardstock
  • brown cardstock
  • yellow cardstock
  • brown colored pencil
  • black marker
  • scissors
  • glue
  • tape

Dragons Love Tacos Craft – Instructions

Step 1. Mama, cut the milk carton in half. I used a knife for this.

Cut Carton - Dragons Love Tacos Craft

Step 2. Cut the white cardstock into squares that will cover the 4 sides of the carton. I laid the carton on the cardstock to get the measurement of the first square. Then, used that as a stencil to cut out the other 3. Glue the squares onto the carton.

Step 3. Cut 2 triangles out of the red cardstock. Draw curvy lines on them with the brown colored pencil (for the roof tiles). Glue them on (one triangle on the front of the house, the other on the back).

Step 4. Cut a rectangle/square out of the brown cardstock. Draw a round door handle. Glue it to the front of the house.

House - Dragons Love Tacos

Step 5. Cut 10-12 circles out of the yellow cardstock. I got a bottle lid and traced that (I’m not awesome at free handing circles on paper).

Step 6. I took the brown colored pencils and tapped it repeatedly onto the yellow circles to give them the “texture” of tacos. Totally feel free to skip this step. But, it was rather therapeutic (lol).

Taco Texture - Dragons Love Tacos Craft

Step 7. Cut all the circles in half. Using your black marker, write Tt on half of the semi circles and Taco on the other half.

T is for Taco - Dragons Love Tacos

Dragons Love Tacos Craft – How to Play

Find a toy boat in your kiddo’s toy box or use a cup to act as a boat. Then, show your kiddo that Tt is for Taco by matching up 1-2 paper tacos. Have your kiddo try. Once he matches them up, have him put the paper tacos in the boat and dump them in the house. Say, “We’re ready for a taco party!” Have your child repeat as many times as he’d like!

Here is my son matching them up:

Match T and Taco - Dragons Love Tacos Craft

Here is the dumping-into-the-house action:

Dumping into House - Dragons Love Tacos Craft

Want to skip tracing circles and writing Tt’s and Tacos? I got you covered. Here is an instant download of the paper tacos for you: FREE T is for Taco Printable.

For More Dragons Love Tacos Fun

Beth from Days with Grey has a Jello Wash that your kiddos will love getting their hands into! Have your kiddos wash the spicy salsa (I mean jello) off the taco ingredients.

jello sensory bin

Ashley from Veggies and Virtue has an awesome taco bar you can put together to have an actual taco party with your kiddos. Check it out!

Taco Bar - Veggies and Virtue

Sumer from Grace Giggles and Naptime has a fun fire-breathing dragon you can make to imitate the dragons in the book! How fun!

Dragon Craft - Grace Giggles and Naptime

And Devon from U Ready Teddy has a fun Totally Mild Salsa printable and slime recipe for some more sensory play!

Totally Mild Salsa Printable - U Ready Teddy

I hope you have such Taco fun!

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