DIY Road Puzzle {Get the Bus to School Game}

Make this DIY Road Puzzle in less than 2 minutes. Your preschooler can play Get the Bus to School. All you need is paper, blocks and scissors!

Back to school is so close! There are only a few weeks until the big day. So, I wanted to make a few fun back-to-school activities for my kiddos to do.

We are starting homeschool preschool next month. So, I am trying to do planned activities to get him use to a schedule of things to do.

We did space week last week. You can check that all out HERE.

This week is our Back 2 School week. We will be focusing on books about back to school, activities to help with feelings and crafts that help learn about school.

Monday’s activities are:

The Get the Bus to School Road Puzzle is really simple. And it takes little prep. I whipped this out in 2 minutes or less. The less prep the better, right?! You can have your kiddo do this activity while you’re prepping a snack or lunch.

Make this DIY Road Puzzle in less than 2 minutes. Your preschooler can play Get the Bus to School.

DIY Road Puzzle – Materials

  • Black Cardstock (4 pages)
  • Scissors
  • Yellow Block
  • Red Block (2)

DIY Road Puzzle – Instructions

Step 1. Stack 4 pages of black cardstock. Turn them long ways. Cut two strips. These are the straight road pieces.

Step 2. Trace a half circle on the bottom of the remaining cardstock. I used one of my kiddo’s plastic plates. Trace a small half circle in the center of that (about the size of a silver dollar). Cut out both half circles. These are the curvy road pieces.

Step 3. Lay the pieces in a box with the yellow block and red blocks and set it out on a table.

road pieces - Get the Bus to School

Get the Bus to School Game

Step 1. Set the yellow block (the bus) on one end of the table. And the red blocks at the opposite end. I used our Mega Blocks (affiliate link for your convenience). I stacked two longer red blocks together to be the school.

Step 2. Tell your child, “Let’s help the bus get to school. We need to build the road to help the bus get there!” Show your child how to do it with a couple pieces and let him do the rest.

Building the Road - Get the Bus to School

Step 3. Your child can then move the “bus” to the “school” and play as long as he likes. My son rebuilt the road puzzle a few different ways.

Here is the road puzzle completed:

Road Puzzle Complete - Get the Bus to School

I used the half circle scraps for my daughter to match up and make complete circles. When she did, I said, “Look baby girl! That is a circle. Yay! You did it!”

Circle Matching - Get the Bus to School

If your child is actually going to ride the bus to school, this activity may help with any doubts your child has riding the bus. You can talk with your child about riding a bus: that the bus picks you and your friends up, drives down the road and takes you to your school. When school is over, the bus brings you right back home.

I love that my son loves puzzles. It helps him with critical thinking and he gets to play with this one. So, that’s a double win! Plus, my daughter got to do a circle matching activity! Triple win!

I really hope you enjoy doing this activity with your kiddos!

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