DIY Name Puzzle for Toddlers

This DIY Name Puzzle for Toddlers can help your child get familiar with the letters in his name. He will also learn the order of the letters and learn that it is read left to right.

I have been researching what my son needs to be familiar with before entering kindergarten. So, then the play-and-learn activities I do with him are touching on those kindergarten-ready checklists.

One of the kindergarten-ready things, is writing his own name. Writing practice will come next. But, for now, we are doing a name puzzle just so he gets familiar with the letters in his name, the order of the letters and that it’s read left to right.

DIY Name Puzzle for Toddlers using household items you have already! Play a game with your toddler to learn to spell his name.

DIY Name Puzzle for Toddlers – Materials

  • One cardboard flap from a diaper box
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • markers (2 colors)

I love making activities with the things I have hanging around my house!

DIY Name Puzzle for Toddlers – Instructions

Step One. Cut a flap off a diaper box.

Step Two. My son’s name is seven letters. So, I determined how big the puzzle was going to be before I traced lines. Each section is about an inch to about an inch in a half wide.

Step Three. Trace 7 lines on the flap. Cut off any extra cardboard.

Draw Lines

Step Four. Cut the flap in half horizontally.

Step Five. Write each letter of your child’s name on each half. Alternate colors. I thought if it made a pattern (green, pink, green pink), it would help him more.

Write Name

Step Six. Leave one half together. Cut the letters out of the other half.

Name Puzzle

Have your child match the letters. When he matches one letter correctly say, “Great job, Michael! You matched the letter M!” And so on. Have your child repeat the name construction. The next time, ask your child what each letter is. When the entire name is matched, review the letters (“M-I-C-H-A-E-L spells Michael. That’s your name!”). Practice this for a few minutes a day.

Here is my son playing with his name puzzle. He didn’t construct the puzzle in order. That’s ok. He’s getting familiar with it. As we practice it together more. He will learn that M comes first, I comes second and so on.

Name Construction

And he completed it! With more practice, he will be able to tell me each letter and spell his name when asked.

Puzzle Complete

Beth from Days with Grey has a great DIY Name Construction game too! Go check it out! She also has very helpful tips to help your child with learning his name.

Played the game? Tried any of the crafts? Tag us in a pic on Instagram (@themamaworkshop  and @dayswithgrey). We’d love to see all the pineapple fun you’re having!

Please note: The Mama Workshop is not a credentialed teacher. This is simply an activity to do to supplement your child’s learning.

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