Toddler Shapes Activity (a Pineapple Game)

Play this Toddler Shapes Activity with your little one to introduce shapes!

My daughter was so curious about shapes when we played the Pineapple Shapes Memory Game. She kept pointing at them and asking, “What’s that, Mama?” She would pick them up and show me over and over again.

I love her curious little mind. She never ceases to amaze me!

So, I decided to make a shapes activity for toddlers (pineapple style) for her, so she can play something more at her level. She matched them all up!

I will have to make multiple pineapples with different shapes! She’s a smart cookie! But for now, we will play this shapes activity for toddlers over and over to her heart’s desire.

In case you want to have pineapple and shapes fun too, I’m sharing this simple little craft and game with you all below. I hope you play it with your little ones! Playing and learning is our favorite over here (if you haven’t figured that out yet. LOL).

Toddler Shapes Activity. A Pineapple Game for your toddler to introduce shapes.

Pineapple Craft – Materials

  • Green Cardstock
  • Yellow Cardstock
  • Brown Cardstock
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors

Pineapple Craft – Assembly

Step One. Trace your child’s hands on the green cardstock and cut the tracings out.

Step Two. Lay the cutouts on the yellow cardstock and draw a pineapple shape. Cut that out.

Step Three. Glue the green hands onto the yellow pineapple shape.

Step Four. Cut shapes out of the brown card stock (a square, circle, heart, triangle and star – or whatever shapes you want to introduce to your child). Glue them on the pineapple.

Step Five. Cut the same shapes out of the green cardstock and set aside.

Pineapple Craft and Shape Matching Game

Toddler Shapes Activity Pineapple Game

Step One. Lay out the green shapes and the pineapple on a table.

Step Two. Have your child match the shapes. While she matches them, tell her what shapes they are (“Oh look! You matched the star!”).

matching shapes pineapple game

Here is my daughter matching all the shapes in this toddler shapes activity:

Pineapple Craft - Shapes Matched

For more Pineapple Shape fun, read Pineapple Shapes Memory Game. And if you’re in a watermelon mood, play Watermelon Seed Match!

Played the game? Tried any of the crafts? Tag us in a pic on Instagram (@themamaworkshop). We’d love to see all the pineapple fun you’re having!

Please note: The Mama Workshop is not a credentialed teacher. This is simply an activity to do to supplement your child’s learning.


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