Frosted Donut Craft for Toddlers

It’s National Donut Day today! So, we’re making a frosted donut craft, and possibly going to take a mini trip to get a real frosted donut somewhere after. Why not, right?!

I do have a mini donut maker. So, maybe we will just make mini donuts instead! My son can pour the batter into the donut maker. It will be a fun activity to do with him!

I did share this craft on Instagram awhile back and said I was going to put the DIY on the blog and totally spaced. Mom life. It makes me forget stuff a lot.

Well, here is the Frosted Donut Craft that I promised. I apologize for it being so late.

Frosted Donut Craft

What You Need

  • cardboard
  • light pink cardstock
  • dark pink cardstock
  • blue cardstcok
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • plate
  • cup

How to Make the Frosted Donut Craft

Step One. Trace your plate onto the cardboard. I had a round, wooden, craft thingy (love my technical term there?). So, I used that. It’s as big as a salad plate.

trace a plate

Step Two. Cut the circle out and trace a small cup in the center.

trace a cup

Step Three. Poke your scissors in the middle of the small cup tracing and cut the circle out. You have a plain cardboard donut to decorate!

poke a hole

Step Four. Put the cardboard donut on top of your light pink paper. Trace the small hole with a pencil.

trace hole

Step Five. Cut a curvy cloud/flower shape around the traced hole (make certain it’s small enough that you can still see some of the donut when you lay it on there), cut the circle out of the frosting, and have your toddler glue the frosting on the donut. See the frosting in the picture below.

Step Six. Stack your hot pink and blue paper and cut two strips vertically. Y’all the sun decided to go away for my pics. #reallifemoment

cut strips

Step Seven. Cut those strips into little rectangles. Have your toddler sprinkle the donut. And by sprinkle the donut, I mean have your toddler glue the rectangles on.

sprinkle the donut

Now, you have a giant donut that you can hang on a wall! Hooray! We used this while we were learning the letter D. So, this was hanging on our activity wall with all the other letter D stuff.

frosted donut craft

You can also make mini versions of these. I would make at least 6 and pretend you’re baking! What fun imaginary play. Have your kiddos wear a chef hat, an apron and hold a cookie sheet with the donuts on it! So, cute!

I think that is my next project (mini donuts for my little ones)!

I hope to see all of your frosted donut crafts today! If you make one, take a pic and tag me (@themamaworkshop) on Instagram! I’d love to see all the donut love!


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