Number Matching Game {with FREE Printable}

We’ve been having so much fun counting to 10 with the Counting Mouse Rocks. My daughter holds them by the tails and walks around with them. My son gets a kick out of sliding them down the paper towel roll snake into a bucket as we read Mouse Count.

Mouse Count is such a great book for your kiddo’s first Book Box activity! Sometimes, it is really hard for me to get my son to sit still for story time (he loves to always be moving). So, having story time be interactive is perfect! He sat through the entire story; because, there was an activity to do with it. The bonus is: since there is playing involved, he remembers the story better and can retell the story to me!

It’s really cute hearing him tell me the story. And he wants to do it over and over again! #momwin

Boox Box

**In case you missed out on what a book box activity is, my friend Beth at Days with Grey explains: What is a Book Box. If you don’t have Mouse Count, you can get it on Amazon (this is an affiliate link; it doesn’t raise the price for you, it just helps my family): Mouse Count. You will surely love doing this book box activity! Plus, there are more activities you can do with the counting mouse rocks!

Since my kiddos love the mouse rocks so much, I wanted to do more activities with them! So, I made a Number Matching game to go along with it!

How to Play Number Matching

Number Matching

  1. Print out the number matching printable (either on card stock or regular paper, whatever your printer can handle). It’s free and in my shop: Number Matching {FREE Printable}! If you don’t have the mouse rocks completed (there’s a DIY video on how to make them: How to Make Counting Mouse Rocks), just print out two of the number matching printable.
  2. Cut out the numbers 1-10 on the printable. My card stock was too thick for my printer. So, I printed it on regular paper and then glued the regular paper to card stock to make thicker flash cards.
  3. Next, lay your flashcards out on a table out of order (so your child can find the number and learn to recognize it).
  4. Then, put all the mouse rocks into a small bucket. Have your child grab one out.
  5. Ask your child, “What number is this?” As you point to the rock ask, “what number on the cards matches the one on the rock?”
  6. Have your child find it. Continue until he has them all matching.

**If you don’t have the rocks completed, you can use another printable. Just cut them out too and use the second set of flashcards in place of the mouse rocks.

You can also do these activities with the mouse rocks:

  • Teach your preschooler to count to 10 (number recognition is great to prepare your kiddo for kindergarten). Show your child the number 1 on the mouse rock and say, “this is the number 1.” Repeat all the way to 10. Then, count the rocks 1-10 with your child. This is great to do before the number matching game to get familiar with numbers.
  • Go on a scavenger hunt for the mice! Hide the mice around the house or in the back yard and hunt for all 10 mice. Every time your child finds a rock, tell her the number on the rock.  When all the rocks are found, have her count all of the rocks.

The Importance of Grouping

Scholastic says, “Recognition of numbers supports the development of other number skills, such as counting. For example, one of the most important ideas about counting that many children do not develop is this: The last counting word tells how many. Children will count three objects, but then, when asked how many, will re-count. But if they recognize groups of one, two, and three, then when they count out one, they see they have one, when they count out two, they see they have two, and when they finish and count three they see three. They relate it to what they already know, and so the counting is more meaningful.”

Read More: How Children Learn About Numbers

So, another activity you can do with the rocks is: Number Groups. Set out three rocks and have your child count them. When your child gets to the number 3, say, “You counted to 3! There are 3 rocks in this group.” So, then it will help your child recognize there are 3 rocks in front of him. So, later when he counts 3 rocks, he will know the last counting word tells him how many are in the group.

Repeat this with other numbers (try 1 rock, 2 rocks, and so on). Just practice for 5 minutes a day. Make it fun. Try different groups (like a group of cars while playing cars or dinosaurs or barn animals). Do it while playing.

Happy Counting, Mama!

Stay tuned for another post I’m writing: The Importance of Play. If you take a picture doing the Number Matching Game, please tag @themamaworkshop.

Please note: I am not a credentialed teacher. I just make activities for my kiddos to do at home. Use these activities to supplement your child’s learning.










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