How to Teach the ABCs {Resources + the Letter A}

I have had several mamas ask me how I teach my kiddos the ABCs. So, I’d thought I do a post on what I use and do to teach them.

Teaching the ABCs can be so fun. It brings out my inner child for sure! I get really into the crafts! I like to get creative and make it super fun for my kiddos. Sure, I can sit there and show them flashcards over and over (which is awesome, if that works for your kids). But, my kiddos get really bored easily. And in all candidness, that would bore me; and, I would rush through it.

**I do have flash cards (they come in handy for reviewing letters). I pick out the letters that we have already learned and ask my son what each letter is to make certain he still knows them.

I do what works for my family. And that is exactly what you should do too! What works for me, may not work for you. So, try a few of the things and add or subtract to it as you need.

Resources to Teach Your Kids the ABCs

teach the ABCs

Please note: the following are affiliate links. It doesn’t raise the price for you. It just helps my family. We thank you!

Materials I use to Teach My Kids the ABCs:

Items I use for Crafts:

**You can totally get these at a craft store. But, if you’d like, you can add them with the books above and get them all at once. Less trips to the store is a life saver for me.

I also use ABC worksheets that I find on Pinterest or I make my own (like D is for Dinosaur).

What I do to Teach the ABCs

Here is a Free Alphabet Schedule Printable to hang up to follow along with the schedule below!

Day 1: Introduce the letter

I don’t hang the Alphabet Train. I store the cards in a gallon-sized storage bag (that bag hangs out in my craft cupboard). When we start a new letter (we will use letter A for the example), I take that letter out of the bag and pin it to our activity corner.

Then, I take the Letter A card out of the ALEX Toys Little Hands Ready Set ABC box and put it on the clip board that is hanging in the activity corner.

On the fridge is the Leap Frog bus with only the letter A. When your kiddo presses it, it says the letter and the sound it makes. Then, it tells your kiddo a word that starts with that letter. It sings it. So, it’s fun!

My goal is to have my kiddos recognize the letter on their own. So, I only put the letter we are working on up around the house.

Day 2 and 3: Do a craft and draw on the chalkboard

For the letter A, we did a craft for day 2 and 3: A is for Apple and A is for Alligator Aquarium. The directions for making the Apple craft is in the link. But, I started to make DIY videos! So, here is the video for the Alligator Aquarium (don’t mind my hot mess hair that says, “hello,” half way through):

We did a craft on day 2 and 3; so, we could put more Letter A art up on the activity wall. Here is my chalkboard drawing on Instagram: A is for Astronaut (It’s to the right of the art and flashcards on the activity wall).

learning the letter A


Day 4 and 5: Do activity worksheets and read a book

We get out our activity books (Breakdancing Bear and Big Preschool Workbook) and do the Letter A activities. This can be separated into two days, if that works better for you. I love the different activities the two books have. My son particularly loves the Find the Letter in the Picture activity. It usually has 5 different hidden A’s to find. And he loves the sticker activities because, well, stickers are awesome!

Then, we review the letter in the Jane Foster’s ABC book. I just love how colorful it is and the unexpected choices for the letters (like A is for Armadillo). We also read a book with a character or an item that begins with the letter A. As we read, I point out words that begin with the letter A.

Day 6: Eat a food that begins with the letter and do a scavenger hunt/field trip

Today, we are on day 5. So, we will be eating avocados as a side dish for lunch! I will show my kiddos the avocado. And say, “Avocado starts with the letter A.” I will also, get that good ole grocery mailer and cut out a picture of an avocado and glue it to a paper and write the word avocado under it. I will underline the letter A in the word after I have my son point it out. I’ll link a picture when I get that done. Other foods that begin with the letter A: almond, apple, apricot, asparagus, applesauce, and artichoke. You can even make a collage of all the letter A foods.

Since we are on letter A, the plan is to visit an aquarium or go to Petco and look at the fish in their aquariums (whatever works out). When we get there, I will say, “Aquarium begins with the letter A.”

Day 7: Review Day

Everyday I ask my son what letter is on the activity wall. If he doesn’t know after a few tries, I remind him. Once he can tell me on his own, we move on to the next letter. Sometimes that is a week. Sometimes it’s longer. Every child is different. So, don’t get discouraged.

During review day, I take down the flashcards so my son can grab them and look at them. We also go over some of the worksheets we did. If I made my own worksheets or did a printable from Pinterest, I print out another one for him to do.

I really hope this helps your child learn the alphabet. Please note, I am not a credentialed teacher. This is simply what we do at home. Please use what works for you and to help supplement your child’s learning. Tag @themamaworkshop if you post a picture of doing the activities with your kiddos. I loved to see them!

















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