I AM a MOM {Making Motherhood Important}

“Oh, I’m just a mom,” is usually what I say when someone asks me what I do for a living. Then, the conversation gets a little awkward after that and we quickly try to change the subject. But, why? It doesn’t need to be that way.

We went to our favorite restaurant for breakfast this weekend and my husband asked a young guy handing us water, “are you our waiter?” He replied, “No. I’m just a busboy. ”

I was so quick to correct him: “You are not just a busboy. You are a busboy.”He smiled from ear to ear.

This made me think, “Why am I so quick to correct him about what he does; but, when it comes to myself, I’m just a mom?”

“I’m just a Mom,” makes motherhood not important

When I tell someone that I’m just a mom, I’m telling her that it’s not important. All the things I do daily (making breakfast, refereeing a fight over a toy, giving hugs and kisses, reading stories, teaching my kids about life, etc.) become not important. So, if she isn’t a mom and maybe has been considering becoming one, I might be giving her some doubt.

I need to change my answer. We all do.

I am a mom

I am a mom that does brave things I never knew I was capable of doing. I’ve climbed tall hills, literally, just to go save my toddler with the baby strapped to me. I’ve pushed a baby out in my doctor’s office during an OB checkup without an epidural. I can go without sleep and still survive and push through my day. I can carry my 40-pound son on one hip and my 26-pound daughter on the other, and make it across the parking lot (with a diaper bag that weighs who-knows-what on my back).

Just a mom? Heck no! I am a mom; and, being a mom is the most wondrous thing you could be. It takes hard work. It takes dedication. It takes sweat and tears. It takes a lot of laughs and dance breaks. It takes your all.

It’s one of the most difficult, rewarding jobs on the planet. It’s not cut out for everybody.

So if you’re a mom, you rock! You have one of the best, most difficult jobs that exist. Love those babies. They love you.  They need you. You were born to be their mother to raise them to be warriors, to raise them kind. And even through your toughest moments, when you’re being tried and tested and stretched thin, you still keep going because you’re a mom. That’s what moms do.

Further Motivation:

  1. List out all the brave, difficult, rewarding things you have done as a mom.
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  1. says

    You speak the truth. We all need to be proud to be moms! We work hard to create the best life we can for our kids. Hopefully more moms like us will say “I am a mom” and not “I”m JUST a mom.”

    My favourite line you wrote was: “I am a mom that does brave things I never knew I was capable of doing.”

    Cheers momma!

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