7 Ways to Find Purpose as a Stay at Home Mom

There are those days I feel like I’m just a mom.  Just a mom who’s purpose is to wipe poopy bottoms, clean runny noses, cook and wash laundry – a robot sometimes (Beep bop boop. “You want breakfast? Beep bop ding. Here’s your breakfast.”}. But, I’m tossing that negativity in the trash.

Being a Mama is so important. It’s so purposeful. We just have to see it. We are raising little ones to go out and be someone great for this world. That’s not something to take lightly. We are helping them to become who they were born to be. If we look at Mama as our ministry, it becomes so purposeful to be a mama.

I pray this every night, “Lord, help me become the mom I need to be for my children. So, I can help them become who You want them to be. Thank you for choosing me to be their mom. Amen.”

Sure. I mess up. But, there’s always grace. I get caught up in feeling like I’m just here for everyone else. But that’s when I need a 15-minute break to do something I love (a recharge and a moment to be thankful). I have purpose, a wonderful purpose. And so do you, Mama.

When I get caught up feeling like I’m just a robot, I like to do the following to remind myself that I’m not.

7 Ways to Find Purpose as a Stay at Home Mom

  1. Take a dance break. When I start to feel overwhelmed, I need a mood changer. I put on my favorite song and jump, dance, shake my booty, whatever works at the moment. My kiddos end up doing this with me and we all start to giggle. It really does help break up bad moods.
  2. Breathe and be thankful. Sometimes, just taking deep breaths helps. I add a thankful in-between each long breath. This may seem silly to you. But, taking the time to say a thankful out loud helps. It’s almost as if it registers with me more.
  3. Ask for Grace. This is the ultimate one. But, I have to get out of a bad mood first to have my heart in the right place to ask for grace. I have my momster moments and I really don’t want to be asking for grace in momster mode.
  4. Tell your children that you love them and why. If I was a momster in the moment feeling like I was a robot, I first apologize for my crazy behavior. Then, I love to tell my kiddos, “I love you because…” One, because kiddos just love knowing they are loved. Two, it will warm your heart and will serve as a great reminder of why you love being a mama.
  5. List out the positives of being a mom. I want to start writing a list of all the things that are great about being a mom; because, that list sure outweighs the 1-3 bad moments I have throughout my day.
  6. Change your mindset. Being a mom is a ministry. It’s hard work to raise, what my friend Amy from The Gilded Wife loves to call her children, warriors. We are raising warriors for God’s kingdom. We are here to help them become who they were born to be.
  7. Recharge. We all need to recharge. Before kids, I worked retail. I was required to take a 15-minute break if I worked a 4-hour shift. If I worked longer than that, I got a 15-minute break and a lunch. And boy, I work a whole lot longer than 5 hours a day as a mom. Those 15-minute breaks are to recharge from what you are doing; so, you can go back and do what you are required to do at your best.



  1. says

    Oh my goodness! You are the sweetest Lu 🙂 yes we are raising warriors! And double yes to dance parties!!

    • Ludavia says

      Thank you Amy! Dance parties are the best. I do these just for fun too and almost daily!

    • Ludavia says

      Dance breaks are the best, Stephanie! I am so happy you loved it! Let me know what song gets you to shake your booty (LOL).

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