19 Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday, Mama

I’m on a mission to have a mini birthday celebration everyday until my birthday! My birthday is at the end of this month and I am looking for ways to celebrate with my kids (and without).  I have very limited babysitters on my list to call. So, it takes creativity to celebrate.

Yesterday, I went to Target with my son and daughter to buy a couple things. On the way out, I asked my kiddos, “Do you want a cake pop?” Of course they said, “YES!”

I was just going to buy the cake pops and leave. But, my son decided to sit down at the little tables and enjoy the scenery of the people entering and exiting the store. Why not? We all sat down and ate our cake pops. It was relaxing to stop the everyday routine for 10 minutes and enjoy eating a cake pop with the little loves of my life. Life was on pause. It helped me be thankful (which is a mini celebration).

So, number one on my list is: Go enjoy a cake pop with your kids.

My Birthday Celebration Agenda


  1. (Technically number 2): On the way to the grocery store, visit a coffee shop’s drive thru and pick up a special coffee.
  2. Have a dance party with my kiddos for at least 30 minutes.
  3. Make cupcakes with my kids.
  4. Polish my toenails a new fun color during nap time.
  5. Take a friend a cupcake.
  6. Send out 5 hand-made cards telling friends why they’re special to me (I gotta celebrate the people in my life).
  7. Soak in a bubble bath after the kids go to bed.
  8. Try a new food.
  9. Wear a birthday hat on my birthday with my kids wherever we go.

With the way my brain works, I need a little help being creative. So, I asked The Mama Workshop Community on Instagram how they celebrate. Here is what they said:

How Other Moms Celebrate Their Birthday

  1. Have a family game night: Maria from A Woman Named Free says, “I love playing games as a family.”
  2. Treat yourself to an at-home facial, ice cream and a movie: Amy from The Gilded Wife says, “In-home facial, picking up some ice cream for sundaes and movie night (mom gets wine) is how I celebrate. If my husband has the day off, I usually get that alone/quiet time for me (which is a must).”
  3. Eat a slice of cheesecake and get a special coffee: Ally from You Are More Blog says, “This year, I really just wanted to be with my babies and hubby. But, I got a special piece of cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory just for me! And, I always squeeze in a Starbucks trip!”
  4. Treat yourself to a mini spa session during nap time. Becca from Bee Inspired Life says, ” I do a mini spa, with a bath bomb, face mask and then do my nails. It’s not much; but, it makes me feel so good!”
  5. Celebrate with your best friend. Abigail from Acreage of Grace says, ” I have celebrated my birthday with my best friend Catelyn for the past 26 years, since we met in kindergarten. The activities have changed, but the company is the same. Great friends are so good for the soul.”
  6. Go out and do random acts of kindness. Samantha from His Endless Love says, “For my last birthday, we did 22 (my age) acts of kindness. It was super fun.”
  7. Go to an indoor play center with your kids and bake with them too. Jessica from The Weekender says, “A couple years ago we celebrated my birthday by taking the kids to an indoor play center. I know it sounds cheesy, but seeing them happy is what makes me most happy! I know I’m not alone. We also make cake pops together for a lot of holiday special occasions! I’m not much of a cook, but I find baking with the kids is always fun (and messy!).”
  8. Go shopping alone and have a mini pizza party with your kids. April from The Daily April N Ava says, “Last year I celebrated without my daughter. I went out to eat and did a little shopping at Ikea. This year, I’ll probably take her out for pizza to celebrate with her and then go out and celebrate without her too.”
  9. Go out to dinner/event as a family. Abby from Forever Moments says, “We celebrate birthdays as a family. It’s an excuse for us to go out to a nice dinner or event or something!”



    • Ludavia says

      I hope you do! I love celebrating all month long. I’ll have to do a kid version in the summer for my kiddos’ birthdays.

    • Ludavia says

      Oh, you totally should wear your daughter’s birthday sash! You gotta feel special on your birthday!

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