Reviewing the Letter D {with free printable}

Today, we are reviewing the Letter D in our house. I like to do several activities for one letter; so, my son can recognize the letter later.

**If you’re stopping by for the first time, we did D is for Dinosaur earlier in the week. It has a free printable activity worksheet and a craft video that goes great with the activity.

My son really loved tracing a dinosaur and learning things about dinosaurs. He asked if there were more activities for him to do. So, for today’s activity, I made a worksheet that will help my son review the letter D. It’s a fun little activity to help recognize other things or animals that start with the letter D, trace the letter D and draw a dog.

Reviewing the Letter D Activity Worksheet


For this activity, you will need to print out the worksheet.

Print this: Reviewing the Letter D Activity Worksheet

I have on there some prompts for you to help your toddler learn. In no way am I a teacher; but, it is so fun to teach what I can to my kids.

How to Do the Letter D Activity Worksheet

For this activity:

  1. Review the items on the worksheet with your child. Point to the Letter D in the word directly below each item.
  2. Then, ask your child, “Where is the {insert item here}?
  3. If your child knows how to count, have him count the animals. If he does not, count the animals with him.
  4. Then, share with your child what a dog, duck and dinosaur says. Have your child repeat the sounds.
  5. Next, have your child trace the letter D with his finger or a pencil. For more practice, print out multiple pages.
  6. Then, for fun, have your child draw a dog in the box provided.

More Resources

Also, while you run errands with your kids, point out the different things that start with the letter D. For example: “Look, that man is running with his dog. Dog starts with the letter D.” If you see the letter D in a book while reading to your child, point the letter out to him.

What other ways do you review the letter D with your child? Please comment below. I am always searching for fun ways to help my kiddos learn!


Please Note: The Mama Workshop is not a credentialed teacher. This activity was made to supplement your child’s learning. Please do not use or sell The Mama Workshop’s printable as your own. You may share your experience with it in a post linking back to this post.



  1. says

    Love this post so much Lu! I would seriously use these for every letter of the alphabet! Can’t wait to print these out and start using them to teach Brecken and Annabelle!

    • Ludavia says

      Thank you Abigail! I plan to make them as we learn each letter. How fun! I’m glad you like them. Let me know how your kiddos like them!

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