Toddler Activity: Learning Shapes and Colors

We are learning shapes and colors in our house this week. So, I made a toddler activity for my son to find shapes, learn colors, trace shapes and cut the shapes out.

I doodled it. You can see it on my Instagram feed. But, I made a digital version to share with all of you. I like to do activities more than one time; so, my son gets extra practice and can refine his skills. So, this will come in handy to print out a few for him to do at least twice a week.

With the doodle version, I had more shapes on it. We have been practicing these shapes out of books we have. So, he was familiar with all of them. I wanted him to be able to trace the shapes to practice holding a pencil more. And I wanted him to be able to cut the shapes out to practice using scissors.

He did rather well for only his second time using scissors (he’s 3 by the way – I forgot to mention that). He did the bottom 5 shapes in the picture below. They are a rectangle, circle, square, triangle and hexagon. With more practice they will be more recognizable.


So, good thing for this free printable! He can practice more with this toddler activity (Shapes, Colors, Tracing & Scissor Skills).

toddler activity

I am really excited. He saw me making it and asked, “Mama, is that my activity!” So, after this post, I am printing it out and we are doing this together.


  1. Print out the toddler activity (Shapes, Colors, Tracing & Scissor Skills).
  2. Have your child find the shapes by asking, “Where is the <insert shape here>?”
  3. Once your child finds the shape, ask, “What color is the <insert shape here>?”
  4. Then have your child trace the shape with a pencil or a crayon.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 until all the shapes are complete.
  6. Then, if you are comfortable and with your supervision, have your child cut the shapes out with preschool training scissors. I found mine on Amazon for 5 bucks.
  7. Keep practicing throughout the week or month.

Have fun Mama! This is such a great bonding time with your child. Let me know how it went!

Please note: I am not a teacher. I simply made an activity for my son to do. Please do not use my design as your own and do not sell it. You may link back to this post to share your experience with the toddler activity.


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