1. says

    Absolutely loved all of these beautiful, heartfelt responses. Sharing all over and thank you for this. It really made me stop and define what motherhood is to me and when I put it in words I realized how it has transformed my life in many wonderful ways. This was perfect Ludavia!

    • says

      Oh Rhiannon! It is so transforming. I have never really stopped and asked myself this question either. It made me realize that, though it’s a difficult role, it has changed my life into something so fulfilling. It has expanded my heart in ways I never thought it would. It has made me braver and stronger and a protector. It has made me a better person.

  2. Amanda says

    These responses are ALL so heartfelt and accurate! I loved reading through these and nodding right along with them. Motherhood means so much more than having a baby and raising him/her! Love this, Lu!

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